This is So Dope!

Dope Jam Collage

Dope Jam, that is, a new, ultra vibrant addition to Enchanted Polish’s stellar line of holographic lacquers. All the usual greats about Enchanted’s polishes apply to Dope Jam, although I’m plum stuck on the meaning of the name. Maybe because once you’ve worn this totally dope polish, it’ll thereafter be your jam? Just spit-balling here.

Shade Dope Jam Finges

So the formula’s great, but let’s talk about the colour. Gorgeous, right? I’m – *groan* – enchanted. I’m usually not the biggest fan of nearly neon, orchid-hued purples like this one, but the blue undertones in Dope Jam keep it on the right side of flattering for ultra pale skinned lasses like me. I actually think this is one of those polishes that would look great on a wide variety of skin tones, but who doesn’t look better when their fingernails are flashing more purple rainbows than a papier-mâché unicorn on a Pride parade float?

Dope Jam Bottle Sun

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