Old Glory (31DC2015)

Camacho Hand

Coming at you hard and fast with the posts in these final two days of the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge as I play catch-up to a schedule that I managed to stick to not once! And these are my second red-white-and-blue nails in as many posts, although this manicure, which is my submission towards the theme of a flag, is probably the most common way you see that colour combo. I love the American flag – strong, bold colours, authoritative stripes, adorable little stars. It’s a good flag.

I was not looking forward to this 28th prompt. Unlike Dr. Sheldon Cooper (and sometimes Amy Farrah Fowler, or perhaps Wil Wheaton) I’m not down for Fun With Flags – they bore me silly. But I love how these nails turned out, and although I have many more lacquered miles to go before sleep, I really don’t want to take them off! Like the American flag itself, I wanted to keep the lines on these nails sharp and crisp, so I used some star-shaped nail vinyls I’ve been hoarding for just such an occasion, and laid out my red and white diagonal lines with striping tape. I also like the darker, more true-to-life colours I used here (baby blue and pink flags are fine, but I wanted to keep things more traditional and maybe slightly less treasonous?), including KB Shimmer’s navy blue Soul Deep and blood red Such a Vlad-Ass.

4 thoughts on “Old Glory (31DC2015)

  1. Ahh Vladsass again! 😀 Excellent!

    Heh heh heh Fun with Flags. The only reason I watch that show is the sci fi cameos. So rarely makes me laugh. The ep where Amy went nutso on Wil Wheaton during Fun with Flags taping was infuriating (for me). Sitcoms can be infuriating at times. Maybe that’s just me, LOL!!

    • Ugh, Sheldon is such a shit sometimes. I find that if I watch too many episodes in a row, I start really noticing how annoying everyone is, particularly him (honestly, I’m so glad Amy dumped his ass – I’d like to see her get together with Raj.) I’m better when I get my Big Bang in snippets. So it’s totally not you!

      • Yes I basically binge watched the whole thing to catch up on several seasons, last summer I think. Maybe that is why I don’t think it is laugh out loud funny.

        Can’t believe I never thought of Amy with Raj. Maybe they will try that for awhile, before reuniting her with Sheldon. Surely she is bound to find out she bailed right before he was going to propose. I’m afraid she would totally lose it!

      • Amy and Raj ALMOST make sense, right? Like, they like each other as friends and get on well, and they’ve both grown in the art of love and relationships so much in the past few years – why not bring those two together and let the great Sheldon Cooper just sit there and stew about it?

        Although really, I’d just like to see her get laid already, and Raj has *some* experience in that area.

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