Candy (Lacquer) Shop

Candy Lacquer Collage

Despite embarking on a real tear of original nail art designs over the past month, my best-liked manicures, both by you, my friends, and indeed everyone who saw them, were the four swatches I did of my recently acquired Candy Lacquer glitter polishes. I understand why everyone loves these polishes – they’re super cheery, always contain an absolutely bonkers mix of every-shape-under-the-sun glitter and come in a gorgeous assortment of vibrant, unusual colour combinations. I feel quite strongly about these polishes, and so I hold them no ill will for coming in and throwing distracting fairy dust all over my hard work. 😉 Going clockwise from the upper left we have Butterfly Candy, Ring Pops, Melting Popsicles and Beach Blanket. So much fun!

Butterfly CandyButterfly Candy Fingers

Ring PopsRing Pops Fingers

Melting PopsiclesMelting Popsicles Fingers

Beach BlanketBeach Blanket Fingers

As always, if you dig Candy Lacquer’s sweet pretties – and based on the response to the manis I do using their polishes, I think you do! – you can find their polishes here. They just released some fun, Halloween-themed glitters for a more bootiful you. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Candy (Lacquer) Shop

  1. Oh my goodness, they’re an assault on the eyes! It looks like a nursery child has eaten all the craft supplies and them vomited. I think my personal fave would be ‘melting popsicles’.

    • Good grief, who was watching these craft supply-gorging monsters in the first place? Because I’m rather pissed that they ate all my nail polish supplies, little buggers. I think Butterfly Candy is my favourite – the dark purple butterflies are the best. 🙂

    • I know, right? I mean, there’s really only so many applications for big time glitters like these, but I’m always dazzled by all the pretty colours and then next thing I know, I own them all. Problem/not a problem?

      • If you love ’em, that’s all that matters! This is hardly a “sensible” hobby 😀 I wonder how many lifetimes of nail polish I actually have…

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