Disco Ball

Disco Ball Hand

Oh, hear that, folks? That’s the sound of the disco whistle! Looks like it’s time to strap on your boogie shoes and hit the light-up dance floor for some super awkward dance moves and, somehow, the worst fashion of the last 100 years. But never mind all that, because you’ll be sporting these beautiful disco ball nails that throw more sparkles than the mirrorball twinkling prettily above you.

Disco Ball Fingers

For these simple disco-on-disco nails, I topped two coats of Orly’s so-appropriately named silver holo, Mirrorball, with two light coats of Finger Paints’ silver holo glitter topper, Colorful Collage. These kind of manicures are the thing we nail bloggers rage about all the time, because they never look 1/100th as beautiful in static photos as they do in real life, and indeed, this silver sparkler is no exception. These nails are just bananas in person, tossing off linear holos and eye-searing rainbows with every little shift of my hand, although I’ll concede they don’t look quite so awesome in photos. Although this manicure DOES look super awesome when magnified 15 times with a macro photo lens, comme ca:


9 thoughts on “Disco Ball

  1. Oooh see at first you can’t tell that is Mirrorball…it looks grey b/c of the rainbow sparkle? I guess? Oh the irony, little disco mirror balls on Mirrorball…

    I need to wear that again! I cheated my “wear it all once” rule and incorporated a couple accent nails with L’Oreal Masked Affair here recently. Shh, don’t tell anyone! No more sun here in Ohio now for many moons, so no point in holos right now anyways…

    • Oh! The irony. 😉 I find that Mirrorball looks a little yellow in certain lights – it’s like it picks up on all the gold shimmer in the holo. It can look a little sickly, actually – I think I like my silver holos more on the silver side, like Masked Affair, actually. Bah, stupid weather interfering with our nail polish – it’s not really holo time here either. 😦

      • Now that you say that about Mirrorball I do remember that happening. I guess that’s where the lavender tint to Masked Affair comes in to combat that…

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