31 Day Challenge Wrap-Up

31DC2015 Collage

Hmm, that should probably read “33 Day Challenge Wrap-Up,” because I was never, not once, on pace with the challenge themes, and as such, ended the whole thing two or maybe even three days beyond everyone else. I had a hard time motivating myself in the early days when the challenge prompts were overly broad (blue? dots? florals?) but I like to think I kicked it into high gear in the final two weeks, producing some of my favourite manicures ever, actually.

As always when I complete one of these month-long challenges, I like to look back on the past four weeks to see what I did right (fun new designs using a wealth of different techniques and tools), what I did wrong (um, pretty much never keeping pace with the challenge schedule) and what I can do differently next time (stop procrasturbating – intentional spelling mistake – and just do the damn blue, dotted, floral nails already!)

These are eight of my own designs (and one homage) that I think rocked this challenge. And why nine? Well, because nine photos make for a more visually pleasing collage, for one, and why not be all random when the original challenge is pretty random in itself (as in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge takes place every year in a month with only 30 days. Huh.) Enjoy!

1. Lacey, floral nails inspired by a Monique Lhullier dress for day 14’s theme of flowers.Floral Hand

2. Time rip nails inspired by the Stephen King novella, The Langoliers, for day 24’s theme of a book.Time Rip Front

3. A striped, Cheshire Cat manicure for day 21’s theme of inspired by a colour.CC Hand

4. A glittery, rainbow-on-rainbow jelly sandwich manicure for day nine’s theme of rainbow nails.Double Rainbow Hand

5. Attack the Block nails, featuring actual blue, glow-in-the-dark monster jaws, for day 23’s theme of inspired by a movie. Ratings!Attack the Block Collage

6. Another Alice in Wonderland-themed manicure, this one inspired by the Queen of Hearts’ preference for blood red roses for day one’s theme of red.PaintedRosesHand

7. Super detailed Halloween Town nails from The Nightmare Before Christmas for day 29’s theme of the supernatural.NBC Hand

8. A recreation of Chalkboard Nails’ delightfully adorable circus cookie dotticure for day 31’s theme of honouring nails you love.Circus Crackers Hand

9. Another watery water marble, this one featuring a little cucumber and mint accent nail, for day 20’s theme of a water marble.WMHand

8 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. This was such a great challenge! You did such a wide variety of nail art – I’m amazed! The thought of painting my nails daily… let alone doing nail ART – that boggles my mind! šŸ˜®
    My favourites (not in any order… just the order in which they appear!) #2 time rip, #4 rainbow glitter, and #8 colourful dotticure. Well done! šŸ™‚

  2. I really enjoyed all of your nail art this week! It is such a hard thing to accomplish, and they each turned out amazingly well. I’m in awe šŸ™‚ Also, Attack the Block was such a goofy movie! Ha! I enjoyed it, IIRC (saw it a few yrs ago).

    • Aw, thank you very much – that’s really nice of you to say. šŸ™‚ The challenge themes were actually the exact same ones as last year’s (and the year before that) – it’d be cooler if there were new challenges every year, but seriously, why am I trying to make work for myself?! And Attack the Block is bah-nanas. Love it so much.

      • Oh it is too bad that they don’t change up the challenges! You could always challenge yourself and come up with new ones šŸ™‚

        I love those goofy sci-fi/horror movies! Nothing too scary, though. I’m a wuss!

      • You know, I would completely organize a challenge, but – and how do I put this delicately without being mean to myself? – we here at Finger Candy are kinda small potatoes. Believe me, not on purpose, but my blog doesn’t attract a ton of attention, and I’d really hate to be the kid that invites his whole class to his birthday party and no one shows up (for the record, I want to punch these hypothetical kids AND their parents.)

        And YES to the goofy/funny/unique horror movie. Give me something interesting to work with here, because I so don’t have the stomach for all that hardcore gore crap any more (um, if I ever did.)

      • Ahh don’t undersell yourself like that! šŸ˜€ But even if you didn’t actually invite anyone to join, it’d be fun to see you do challenges on your blog. But either way, you do some fantastic nail art and I always love to see what you’ve just come up with!

        I’ve been trying to get myself to watch more horror movies this month, but all I’ve managed is re-watching The Faculty and part of Final Destination 3!

      • Oh, I know – that was so mopey! But really, it might be a great way to get to know more people and their blogs – people love a good contest.

        I just watched The Faculty last night! It’s so underrated. And what an odd collection of actors, right?

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