Whale of a Tale

Stupid Whales

Gather round the old timer, friends, and listen to her spin a yarn as old as the seas themselves about ruined, nautical-themed nail art, misbehaving topcoat and, just to add abject insult to injury, a publishing platform that wishes to do no such thing.

First, this nail art is adorable, right? I am a huge sucker for horizontal stripes, particularly of the blue and navy variety, which match the pyjama pants that I am absolutely not wearing right now at four in the afternoon. I’ve also had these little whale-shaped nail vinyls for a while now, and I wanted to use them before the whale watching season is well and truly finished for the year. Owing to the striping tape and nail vinyls I used to achieve this look, these nails required a longer than usual drying period (polish tends to build up along the edges of tape and vinyls, which promptly gets swept down your nails if you go after it too quickly with your topcoat.) So I sat here all dainty-like for well over half an hour, my fingers fluttering gently off the edge of the coffee table for maximum drying power. Aaaannnnnnd it all went to shit the second I layered on my Seche Vite, which, when it’s working properly, is a nail artist’s greatest friend, sealing in, protecting and enhancing even the most basic of manicures. But mine wasn’t working today, and indeed, I believe I may have a bum bottle, because it really hasn’t been working ANY of the days, smudging, smearing and going the full goop a mere quarter of the way through the bottle. It’s a wicked pisser, nail art friends, as you are no doubt aware, to spend a good chunk of time on a manicure, only to have it ruined by the very thing you put on top of it to protect it! The expensive thing, I might add, which makes this whole smudgy debacle that much more infuriating. It’s also why there’s no thumbnail to this manicure – the Seche literally pulled the polish straight off my nails, even after half an hour of drying time. I’m actually quite baffled as to what happened here.

Then WordPress decided to be a dick. Sorry, got no other term for it – WP’s a dick. “Beep beep boop,” you say, as you hang there, refusing to publish? Holy cripes, could we BE more juvenile? It’s never bothered me before, mostly because I’ve never had to sit here for half an hour while WordPress vapour locks, but it’s seriously childish and unprofessional. I’d respect WP more if they displayed a simple error screen when problems crop up as opposed to the “Beep beep boop” not-a-progress-bar progress bar.

Thankfully Mr. Finger Candy is the next best thing to a technological wizard, and so he put his raging wife on the path of lowered blood pressure by forwarding me some very helpful links that had me up and publishing this post in next to no time. Still, I’m giving this win to Finger Candy Industries’ hard working IT department (said department consisting of one bemused husband and a half-asleep cat, both of whom are willing to work for Panera takeout) because WordPress itself was not much help.

Okay, done griping. Thanks for listening, and as always, feel free to chime in with your own (beauty) blogging issues. Misery loves company and all that jazz. 😉

9 thoughts on “Whale of a Tale

    • So what happened here was my editing skills went wrong. I accidentally hit send and therefore the above comment makes next to zero sense. Can I have an other try? Here goes;
      ‘Oh gosh, they’re so darn cute! Then I read the post… Shall we just put it down to a ‘bad day’ and move on? I get seriously pissed at ANYTHING when I’m not in the mood, shoelaces, myself, other people, dust on the floor, anything. I still think it counts as a really cute mani, and as I never photograph (or paint) my thumb I hadn’t even noticed it was missing.

      • Ha, no, I knew where you were going! It was like the written version of getting hung up on on the phone!

        So here’s the insane thing about these nails – oh, gosh – two days on: They are the most popular nails I’ve ever posted. 46 likes at last count, which is bananas numbers for me. WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN?! The world’s all topsy turvy.

  1. It’s always sad when whale watching season is over. Don’t you DARE wear anything whale after!

    Have you tried Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat? I think it is pretty popular for nail art. I don’t personally know since I so rarely do nail art. I just keep going on from bottle to bottle of various brands of quick dry. I should thin the old ones…sometimes it is not the right ratio, and still too thick/goopy, but too late, it’s on your nail, in all its goo glory…

    Sorry for all the troubles, I hate those days, where it all goes not right…grrrr

    • Well, you know what they say, don’t wear whales after Labour Day. I’m pretty sure that’s how that saying goes.

      I haven’t tried their topcoat, but I do have a bottle of liquid latex from Glisten & Glow and it’s pretty fantastic, so I’m totally amenable. I’m just starting to find Seche a little expensive for the non-performance after half a bottle (or less.)

      Oh, and thank you for the commiseration, but seriously, I’m such a whiner. Especially when you consider that these dang whales are my most popular post ever in terms of likes – 48 I think at last count. I commented to somebody else that that’s just nutso numbers for me; figure it’d be for the nails I wasn’t that thrilled about, right?!

      • That is awesome about the likes, I mean yep they’re cute! And so daring, what with wearing whales after Labor Day.

        I definitely feel my G&G HK Girl topcoat lasts longer than SV. I have two half bottles of SV and their thinner. And just one bottle of HK Girl that is still going at half…definitely will get more, maybe bigger refill or something, she has choices like that…

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