Fabulously Fall

Fall Fabulous Collage

This amazing multichrome polish, Finger Paints’ What a Night, is like fall in a bottle, flashing a gorgeous linear colour-change that runs through the prettiest hues of the season, from strawberry red and pink, to yellow-green and gold. Best of all, it was an impulse purchase from off the clearance table at my local Sally Beauty Supply for the low, low price of 75 cents! Not that its clearance status matters – this polish rocks, applying smoothly and evenly, its foil finish giving the unusual colour change an almost textured look in certain lights. Outdoors, What a Night is an almost berry-hued multichrome, tinged with flashes of gold and green. Indoors, it takes on a softer look, trading some of that out-in-the-sun vibrancy for soft, salmon pink and burnished gold. So pretty, so seasonally appropriate and so nice not to have paid an arm and a leg for it!

Fall HandShade Bottle


9 thoughts on “Fabulously Fall

  1. Most excellent polish and post! I like the pics that show the multiple angles…I am a sucker for collages, it appeals to the Pinterest in me πŸ˜€

    • Thank you! I find it’s the best way to show off what a multichrome can really do.

      And no wonder you like it – your Pinterest board is a work of beauty. Seriously, you’ve got mad Pinning skills. I always just kind of forget it’s there, and then I go over and sort of inundate everyone with too much nail art all at once, and then I go over to this one girl’s board to look at recipes and next thing I know I’m making crock pot chicken stew at 3 in the morning (okay, that’s a lie – I don’t own a crock pot.)

  2. That’s gorgeous! I only have some FingerPaints that I got in swaps ages ago – they’re really so nice. We do have a Sallys here, but I’ve never ventured out to it (it’s quite out of my way).

    • Sally’s aren’t bad – good selection of weird stuff you’ve maybe never heard of before mixed in with the usual OPIs and China Glazes. Seche Vite is quite inexpensive there, too. And Finger Paints has really surprised me over the years, in a good way – some of their polishes are really, really lovely and kind of unexpected in an indie sort of way?

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