The Punny Punkin

Punkin Collage

This super festive polish, which looks like fall leaves, a Jack-o-Lantern and 1970s-style shag carpeting, is a Smitten Polish creation by the name of Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season? I salute Smitten for the creative wordplay, this beautiful glitter polish coming from their four-piece What a Punny Autumn Collection (along with another gorgeous polish I’ll be featuring this weekend, espresso brown Can You BeLeaf These Puns?)

Readers of this blog and even casual stopper by-ers know that it’s puns aplenty here at Finger Candy, some super cheesy, while others are merely gouda (*grrrrroooooaaaaannnn*) So that quality certainly appealed to me about these polishes. But beyond that, they are absolutely lovely, with this particular formulation of Smitten’s, a mix of holographic micro glitter in a lush jelly base, being a favourite. Like a similar Smitten polish I already own and adore, turquoise Glacial Springs, Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season? is a stunner under direct light, its holo glitter throwing off mad rainbows.

Punkin Fingers

But in the shade is where I think these kind of polishes do their best work, taking on a deep, almost textured look where the glitter glimmers softly from the jelly depths. Poetic, right? 😉

Punkin Fingers Shade

Texture-wise, these polishes do have a bit – I’d expect nothing less from a micro glitter – so I’d recommend a layer or two of a good, glossy topcoat to smooth out the barest of rough edges and deepen up all that amazing glitter for a perfectly punny Pun-kin.

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