You’re Unbe-leafable

BeLeaf Collage

Here’s another gorgeous, seasonally splendid lacquer from Smitten Polish’s What a Punny Autumn Collection, Can You BeLeaf These Puns? Like the polish I featured yesterday, collection mate Orange You Glad It’s Pun-kin Season, BeLeaf is a rich jelly polish, this time a warm, red-tinged brown, stuffed with gently glimmering holographic glitter. Once again, I think these polishes show their best selves in the shade, where they look deep and textured – in BeLeaf’s case, that slightly textured look reminds me of coffee grounds (tell no one, but sometimes when I make coffee, I just stick my face in the bag of grounds and inhale. I love to drink the stuff, but I might almost like to smell it more; one of life’s great fragrances.)

BeLeaf Shade Fingers

Best of all, Can You BeLeaf These Puns? seems to be a colour dupe of another Smitten lacquer and one of my all time favourite polishes, linear holo Seasonal Lattes from last year’s fall collection. A good, super rich, chocolate brown holo is a hard thing to find, so you’ve got to jump on that java-hued goodness while you can. To that end, you can find Smitten’s beautiful polishes, including Can You BeLeaf These Puns?, here.

BeLeaf Shade Bottle

8 thoughts on “You’re Unbe-leafable

  1. I sometimes wonder if I don’t feel like a “real adult” just because I hate coffee and the smell.

    It’s a nice polish tho. No offense to coffee lovers! I just get my caffeine via Diet Mountain Dew. Which is apparently like drinking poison. Ah well!

    • Oh ick, Mountain Dew (diet?!?) – the stuff just terrifies me. I’ve always been a gingerale girl myself – I like my sodas to kick me in the face. And my coffee, for that matter. Of course, not as strong as my husband takes it (jet fuel) but I do like it to have some life to it.

      Don’t feel bad about not partaking of the coffee – my mom doesn’t, and I don’t believe she’s ever had a cup of coffee or anything more than a sip of tea. She’s a Coke person. 🙂

      • Yeah well I’ve had Dew in your country. It’s different, and it’s WRONG. I believe you regulate caffeine there?

        God that sucked. We got super drunk (like full bottles of Jäger and something else) in Windsor. Imagine my horror the next day trying to caffeine up and my precious Dew tasted like crap….lol!!

      • Is it different? I really wouldn’t know – I’ve drank Mountain Dew maybe five times in my entire life (although I did once have half a bottle of the Code Red stuff, which…red. Very red.)

        Also, there is not a single story that ever ends well with the word “Jager” in it; not one. Oh, shudder. And then you don’t even have the necessary hangover provisions? Good lord. (I shouldn’t talk, though – my go-to hangover drink is milk. That’s eight kinds of disgusting, I know!)

  2. Well you’ll probably live longer without the pop (soda?) intake!!

    Yeah I suspect Dew tastes bad in Canada due to your regulating caffeine (that’s what I was told anyway), so it tastes like the caffeine free stuff here. And I am not sure why it has to taste bad without it, is it a flavor??

    LOL about the Jäger comment, too true. I fell down and got scraped up that night. I haven’t had Jäger in a long time, and I know I’d be sorry if I did, since I’m not as young as I used to be.

    I wouldn’t want to *drink* milk for a hangover, but technically my morning after meal was always a bowl of cereal, so same diff…

    • Huh, I actually didn’t realize the G-O-V had cracked down on caffeine. So we’re getting sub-standard sugar smacks, huh? Disappointing, but understandable – you don’t want Canadians all hopped up on sugar. We get wild. Like Gremlins.

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