Cranberry Jelly

Cranberry Jelly Fingers

The canned kind, with rings! For these fun nails in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving, or more specifically, Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, I modified the mischievous piggy design I did some weeks back to create horizontal “can” ridges in my cranberry-hued jelly, KB Shimmer’s Leaf of Faith. It’s a subtle look, but one with a lot of good foodie memories for a lot of people – for some folks, it just ain’t cranberry sauce without those rings! Me, I’m all about the roast potatoes and gravy, but I can’t imagine that would make very attractive nail art, do you? Best to stick with the pretty jellies instead. 😉 Happy Thanksgiving!

Cranberry Jelly Fingers Sun

7 thoughts on “Cranberry Jelly

  1. You are a GENIUS. I think this is my favorite of all the ones I’ve seen from you. 😀 It helps, of course, that I love cranberry sauce and usually eat it with a bit of roast chicken or turkey on the side.

    • Aw, thank you so much! This one *did* kind of turn out pretty well, though, for an odd-ish idea. Oh man, I ate alllll the Thanksgiving leftovers yesterday (no, really, ALL of them, over two meals. It was gross.)

    • Thank you! It’s totally tooting my own horn, but I thought these were sort of clever, too. 🙂

      Have you ever seen the show Corner Gas? Canadian show about a fictional, one gas station town called Dog River, Saskatchewan. There’s a character who goes on a total tear at one point about how it’s NOT cranberry sauce unless it’s still perfectly shaped like the can, WITH the rings! Very important stuff, apparently.

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