I’ve Been Slimed!

Easter Grass Collage

This polish is so Slimer in a bottle, right?! Or Flubber with sparkle. Or Astroturf. Or Floam. It’s really quite diverse! Okay, so actually, this polish is another amazing pick from Smitten Polish, this time a throwback to one of their spring collections, Not Your Mama’s Easter Grass. What with being so fresh and vibrant and, well, artificial looking, you might mistake Easter Grass for one of those polishes that only works well in the spring. But I think there’s use for this stunner year-round, from winter holiday-themed nail art (the Grinch, an especially plastic-looking tree, Elf) to the current season’s fall and Halloween-themed designs (still-green leaves, aliens, zombies and Ghostbusters.) And Ghostbusters is clearly what I had on my mind when I titled this post, specifically grody old Slimer’s ectoplasm-covered pudge (for real, my favourite part of that movie are the odd little grunting noises he makes as he circles the hotel chandelier. They’re kind of adorable. Also when Dan Aykroyd suddenly commands everyone to come to a stop and listen, and then asks them, “Do you smell something?” And everything Rick Moranis, because my heart aches for the earnest nerd in glasses who worries about the temperature of his brie.)

Easter Grass Fingers ShadeEaster Grass Bottle Sun

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