Leaf Me Be!

Leaf Me Be Sun Fingers

Because I ate far too much for Thanksgiving supper (last night’s official and this evening’s almost-better leftovers) and I might need to go and be temporarily comatose for a bit. I’m sure you understand. 😉 So no post-dinner leaf walks for me this evening, but when there’s this sort of pretty right outside your windows, you don’t need to stray from your couch (even if you could after eating all those mashed potatoes)! Bonus!

Leaf Me Be Shade FingersBalcony Photo

10 thoughts on “Leaf Me Be!

  1. Oh you’re Canadian too! I did not know. 🙂
    This is some amazing artwork – I thought it was a decal or nail wrap at first! Do you have trouble doing the nail art with your non-dominant hand?

    • Oh heavens, my non-dominant hand hardly ever gets a workout, the poor, neglected dear. I tried at first to do designs on both, but there was such a disparity even in terms of learning – I learned so much more quickly with my right. And yes, a fellow Canuck, so you know we know our fall leaves. 😉

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