Blueprints Hand

Free-handed blueprints, that is, which I can pretty much guarantee you is not recommended architectural practice! And if you saw the way I build in the Sims – very much OFF-blueprint – you’d further understand why one should never follow a plan to build anything sprung forth from my imagination (houses don’t need load-bearing walls on the ground floor in the strictest sense, do they?)


4 thoughts on “Blueprints

  1. Hey you can do whatever you want in the sims, I take it, so why not? Who says people have to have heads? Meh!

    I dig the matte blues blueprint. I don’t know how you come up with all the “” ideas! My mind is blank, but that’s because my job is destroying my soul. ;P

    • Oh man, that’s nothing you ever want to hear – that someone’s job is crushing their soul. But yikes, been there, crushed that.

      But basically, my brain never stops coming up with ideas for nail art – just about everything I look at I can turn into nail art with a bit of modification! That’s how I wind up with chicken drumsticks on my nails.

      Also, your Sims have to have heads – that’s pretty much the only rule of Sim Club! But those heads can be turquoise with pink hair (my favourite Sim) and they can live on the moon with nothing in their livingroom but toilets and just about anything else you can think of. Um, you can also kill them off if you’re feeling nasty about it.

      • LOL! Maybe I need to create and destroy some Sims and I’ll feel better about the job. I actually used the “crushing my soul” thing today on the phone with my boss. I could tell it stunned her a little, but I finished what I was saying and she didn’t address it… lol … Her soul is crushed too.

      • That’s actually one of the nicer benefits to playing video games – when real life is crappy, you can come home and destroy someone else’s. Or just flat out annihilate them, if you so choose.

        Sounds like you did shock the hell out of your boss. Nobody likes to hear things like “My job makes me colossally unhappy.” We’re just supposed to suck it up and mutter through and pass off our worries with some stupid platitude like “Working hard or hardly working, eh?” The honest answer is always uncomfortable.

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