13 thoughts on “Poison Apple

    • It was free-handed! Most of my stuff is, actually – I just can’t seem to wrangle stamps or anything like that very well. I basically went about this design all backwards – I painted my nails in the red (Ceramic Glaze’s Hong Kong Diva) and then went over it with the green ooze in a sort of reverse negative kind of way, trying to leave the eyes and the nose red while I painted the green around it. But that didn’t really work out, and so I ended up just going over the green with the red to get the features more the way I wanted them (which wound up not being the problem I expected, because the red covered the green just fine – I used Wild Thing from Pure Ice, which is a pea green, and then topped it with a bit of Smitten Polish’s Not Your Mama’s Easter Grass.)

    • Thanks! It’s Hong Kong Diva from Ceramic Glaze, and I got it at Shoppers Drug Mart, like, two years ago. I have no idea if it’s part of their all-the-time line, but I hope so; I’d like to get another bottle, because it’s pretty great. It’s always the “blood” in my gory manis.

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