Burn Baby Burn

Burn Hand

So, along with stars and anything involving the human form, I absolutely, positively cannot draw flames. You’d think flames would be so easy, too, all abstract and diffuse and imprecise. But NO, my flames always come out looking more like the lumpy ass end of a turkey, and for the love of all that’s good and frosting-covered, I DON’T KNOW WHY.

But these flames seem to be burning pretty brightly, a look I achieved with no more effort than dragging the fine point of a dotting tool through small, overlapping blobs of red, orange and yellow polish dotted at the very bottom of my nails. It was a ridiculously simple technique, and one that can be easily adapted to all sorts of different designs. I’m making no grand promises, but I hope to have my first video tutorial on these nails up for you tomorrow – really one of those designs that’s a show, don’t tell. Of course, I say that now at three in the afternoon when I’ve yet to even delve into the video editing software. Get back to me tonight around, say, nine and we’ll see what kind of mood I’m in then!

Burn Fingers

9 thoughts on “Burn Baby Burn

  1. Turned out so freaking good!! High five! Oh no now you’ve caught me on fire! Wait what’s that you say, they aren’t real flames on your nails? You’re not in the X-Men? Seems like a special power to me!

    • I like the way you think with the X-Men, but I’d go more with Beetlejuice, when Barbara’s fingertips burst into flame as she’s warming them over the fire! These turned out way better than I expected – I’m thinking of maybe trying a tutorial? Share the love and all that?

      • Sorry I forgot to say “hell yes” about the tutorial, which I see posted, so I will be checking that out now!

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