Disney Girl Challenge: Patchwork Sally (Again)

Sally Hand

Small administrative note: I posted these nails earlier on this afternoon, and owing to what I’m assuming was a glitch in publishing, they didn’t show up in the WordPress Reader or in any other meaningful way until about half an hour ago. So I’ve deleted the original post and replaced it with this exact copy, in the hopes the admin issues have sorted themselves out – with apologies to the folks who were kind enough to like this post as originally published.


My goodness, does our girl Patchwork Sally have an affinity for the muted print or what? At one point whilst doing these nails, I think I had about 15 different polishes open and on the go. The lady’s got a busy, busy wardrobe.

I attempted a Sally design as part of my self-imposed Disney Girl Challenge very, very early on in my nail art-ing career, and I still think it remains a pretty decent effort.

I actually thought I had left that original effort glossy, but it turns out I had the foresight to matte it up even back then, because I really think all Nightmare Before Christmas manis should be in a hazy matte finish, don’t you? The one change to this updated Sally mani that I thought was sort of inspired, though, was my choice of holographic polishes, which take on a cool, textured look when topped with a matte topcoat. I thought that was a great choice for Sally’s cute, but totally burlap or itchy wool, sack dress.

On that somewhat related note, I’d like to sing the praises of my new matte topcoat of choice, Zoya’s Matte Velvet, which, as the name suggests, gives your manis a matte, velvety sort of look. I used to be quite loyal to Essie’s Matte About You, but as you’ll note in the older Sally manicure, it had the unfortunate habit of depositing tiny white flecks all over my hard work. So I tried out something a little new, and so far, I’m super pleased with Zoya’s topcoat – soft and satiny smooth.

5 thoughts on “Disney Girl Challenge: Patchwork Sally (Again)

  1. I meant to comment last night…this was a coincidental post, as I went to the new Ulta near my house, and got a Gift With Purchase of the Zoya Matte Velvet topcoat (and a lipstick) with purchase of two Zoya polishes.

    Did you freehand the spirals, that are amazing!

    • I’m super impressed with it so far. It’s a great matte topcoat – my Essie one really had issues right from the start. I think it got too shaken up at one point and it dislodged some of the dry bits from the top of the bottle.

      And I did do those spirals free-handed! And thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you very much! And YES, it did take forever – thank you for noticing that, too! Darn Sally and all those quilted fabrics – what, Dr. Finklestein couldn’t have whipped up something a little more cohesive for her? 🙂

      I just watched it not that long ago, but c’mon, it’s almost Halloween – we’ve got to! Enjoy!

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