Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone Hand

My dad has a thing for gnomes (just not, you know, a thing for gnomes, although my mother is quite petite…) However, he can’t stand the tubby little blue-suited and red-hatted variety, preferring his gnomes to look all wild and wooly and natural (or as natural as a make-believe woodland critter can be.) Man’s got gnome purity issues. Gnomeist is what he is! So he’d hate these nails. But I love them! Even if MY gnome appears to have lost his arms. Hmm, seems I may have inherited my father’s weird penchant for even weirder-looking gnomes – like father, like daughter and all that. 😉

11 thoughts on “Gnome Alone

    • See, that’s the way to look at it! And for real, I showed my dad a photo of these nails last night and he was all, “Harumph, looks like one of those ‘modern’ gnomes.” The man’s so weird.

  1. Hilarious post end to end (petite mom, gnome purity issues…)….

    Really excellent attention to detail, I see multiple colors/shading in the shrooms…(Heh heh!)

      • I actually don’t think she does with any regularity. And not out of disinterest, either – I think she somehow thinks these are private thoughts as opposed to jokes I make, usually at my own expense, with “the world.” That’s kind of odd, right? I keep telling her mi blog space es sous blog space, but I think she feels like she’s intruding or something.

  2. I get that about the mom/blog space thing….

    If I wrote a blog, I know I would forget who I’d shared it with…then I’d say something dumb about someone and my luck and they’d read it…lol!

    • That’s why I never say anything on my blog that I wouldn’t say to someone in real life, or write anything that I wouldn’t want my boss or my grandmother to read. Keeps you out of trouble that way!

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