The Polished Dead

The Polished Dead Hand

I don’t watch The Walking Dead, but in the interest of my ongoing education in pop culture and the fact that Ninja Carol is a total badass, I armchair quarterback the occasional episode. Fear the Walking Dead, however, is a show I can speak a bit more authoritatively on, if only because I’m continuously gobsmacked at how stupid the central characters can be. It’s a train wreck of reckless idiocy I’m powerless to tear my eyes from. I’ve since come to understand that the concept of a zombie is one that is totally unfamiliar to the denizens of the Walking Deadiverse, hence all the talk of walkers, geeks and anything-but-the-Z-word. But when the entire world is going to hell around you – civil disobedience, military invasions, burning hospitals, riots, police shootings, the woman next door who’s been stuck in a gap between your fences, snarling and bleeding from the eyes, FOR DAYS – it simply won’t do to put on a happy face, have a cuppa tea and wait for this all to blow over. “What’s going on, Dad?”, the befuddled catchphrase of one of Fear’s central mouthbreathers, has become shorthand around my home when you’re caught being a dumbass – “Dad? What’s going on, Dad? Why is there all this water on the counter? Dad? Dad? Daaahhhhh-aaaaaddddd?”

All that to say these are zombie skin nails, featuring a polish from last year’s China Glaze Halloween collection, Don’t Let the Dead Bite, that I think looks like entrails (in the very best way!) Guaranteed walker-approved.

The Polished Dead Fingers

6 thoughts on “The Polished Dead

  1. I just can’t do zombie movies/shows…But as always, a fun post to read. I guess I gone is watching zombie TV shows, especially the prequel variety, then a lot of belief has to be suspended….if people had caught on quicker in The FTWD world, then there’d have been no Walking Dead world, since they’d have stopped the outbreak or whatever….I am assuming all this since I don’t watch the shows….

    Is this a negative space mani, kind of?

    • I used to like zombie stuff a lot more than I do now. I find as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost my taste for gore and misery, and I didn’t have much to begin with. And I dislike watching the Walking Dead shows because despite how cool they look, the characters behave like stone cold idiots all the time. It’s so frustrating watching them wander into the same bullshit week after week.

      It’s not quite a negative space mani, but I know what you mean – that’s kind of the look I was going for! I actually put the pinky-red entrail polish down first and then topped it with the green with a detail brush, leaving the gash marks open. But the glitter polish was lumpy, and made the polish on top of it look lumpy as well, so I think if I did it again, I’d use a pink creme, then do the green bits, and then go over the pink bits with the entraily (heh) polish.

      • Yeah I hate to say it but I am shying away from many serious shows and sticking with lighter fare. Life can be serious and sucky enough as it is. I just want goofy Castle to make it all better…lol

        Yep, I am picking up what you’re putting down about the layering order options…

      • Aw, Castle! I used to watch it all the time – such a handsome devil (although I’m Team Ryan because he’s adorable.) I haven’t watched the last couple of seasons – just got sort of bored and drifted away from it. I don’t actually watch much TV at all now – just things I pick up on Netflix.

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