Light It Up

lights Fingers 1

I think these nails look like multi-coloured twinkle lights as seen through squinted eyes. Or possibly the pattern on a tweed jacket from the 1980s. Actually, didn’t James Spader’s Stef wear a black linen suit in Pretty in Pink in this exact pattern? He had such a special wardrobe in that movie.

Anyhow! No matter the inspiration (although I guarantee you it wasn’t Pretty in Pink; I friggin’ hate that movie – too mean) I think these nails are super cute, and actually, in hindsight, a rip-off of a portion of my own design of last Christmas, which you can see here. Oops?

And because it will most likely get asked, the base polish I used here (from which I drew inspiration for the colour of the “lights”) was Pure Ice’s RespecK, a gorgeous polish with a stupid name that I will begrudgingly forgive it for on account of its $1.97 price tag at my local Walmart.

lights Fingers 2

4 thoughts on “Light It Up

  1. I totally dig that base polish! I almost bought a glow in the dark Pure Ice polish today at Walmart. Instead I went for a couple Sinfulcolors, a SH Xtreme Wear glitter, and two Hard Candy ones.

    I liked the Xmas tree post you linked to as well. We never decorate for holidays. Partly it is laziness, because you don’t have to take down what you don’t put up! ๐Ÿ˜€ And partly it is having a refuge from all the holiday stuff everywhere else. There was already Xmas stuff up in an aisle at Target today. Had to go to both stores when I discovered Target apparently considers potting soil a seasonal item. Hey, people have indoor plants they may need to repot!! Grr, argh!

    • It’s cool, right? It doesn’t photograph all that well – you can’t really see all that neat glitter. I like that it’s in a different kind of colour combo, plus you can’t go wrong for anything under two bucks.

      And thank you for the compliments on the tree – those are the things that keep me going when I threaten every year to not put it up the next year. It’s such a pain in the arse to put that tree up! But I love it so much. But like you, I do not enjoy seasonal creep. I don’t think that the holiday stuff should come out until after Thanksgiving for Americans and after Remembrance Day for us Canadians (middle of November) – any sooner and I start getting twitchy. I mean, for pete’s sake, the Halloween stuff at the craft store has been on clearance now for about three weeks.

      • Yeah I noticed Party City commercials saying costumes already 60% off…tho at that point there was only a week to go to Halloween.

        Hey you could be like my neighbor a street or two over…pretty sure that star above the garage door that says Seasons Greetings will have been up two full years as of this holiday season….you could just decorate the tree for Valentines Day, Easter, etc… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Believe me, I have contemplated that! And if I lived in a house with a basement, I would probably do what my mom does, which is keep it assembled and lit, and just move it into storage for everything outside of Christmas. But I live in a condo apartment, so I really would have to have it out all the time, and that would get kind of boring after a while. But oh, have I thought about it! Just a revolving door of decorations. I suppose it would also get quite expensive that way…

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