Calla Lilies

Callas Side

I carried dark purple calla lilies in my wedding bouquet, the 11th anniversary of which Mr. Finger Candy and I will be celebrating this Halloween. I had initially wanted to carry black roses, which I knew were no such thing – “black” roses are actually just very, very dark red or purple roses. I knew this! And yet every single florist but the one I eventually went with almost gleefully told me that black roses didn’t actually exist and they were really just very, very dark red or purple roses, sometimes even after I told them that these were things I already knew, almost like a mea culpa. It unfortunately took a lot of the fun out of it. Also, I could see that “black” roses were going to be a real light-suck when it came time for photographs. And so I eventually ended up going with blackened purple calla lilies and bright green pepper berries, with a smattering of dark purple mini roses and fresh greenery. It was gorgeous! So here I tried to capture the bouquet of lilies and pepper berries I carried, with a little holographic shimmer for extra pretty measure.

Callas Front

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