I Was Made For You

Made For You

The one thing nobody ever talks about with regards to Frankenstein’s monster and the Bride of is the offside chance that they could have HATED each other. Maybe too much alike, or built from people who were too much alike. Most uncomfortable breakup ever!

7 thoughts on “I Was Made For You

  1. It’s all very cute, the heart patch is especially stellar…

    Could only get better with some Rainbow Juice (with pulp)…

    Just kidding, don’t ruin the “n.art” … I agree RJ(wp) would be great over neons. I am having a little bit of shard issues….but who cares!?

    • Uh oh, shard issues? Sounds uncomfortable.

      Ugh, but is it doing that thing where the little pieces stick up all over the place? Mine doesn’t, although every other bottle of anything involving shard glitter I’ve ever owned HAS.

      • LOL @ sounds uncomfortable…

        Yeah, sticking up just a little bit on a couple nails…I think it wore down tho.

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