Plum Perfect

November 2015 Bottle 2

Three more monthly mystery polishes arrived on my doorstep today courtesy of Enchanted Polish, and I immediately jumped to the back of the line to swatch this plummy beauty, November 2015. Like all the other polishes that have been part of Enchanted’s mystery buy program this year, November 2015 is a linear holo, boosted with a gorgeous dusting of co-ordinating shimmer, this time a sort of bluey-red that gives this plum-toned purple an almost duochrome type of effect.

November 2015 Fingers Shade

It is really SO beautiful, and the kind of “normal,” everyday shade that will appeal to all nail polish aficionados, and not just those of us crazy enough to paint our nails with colours that can most charitably be described as nuclear waste (come on, we’ve all been there; “Hon, this colour isn’t totally butt ugly, is it? Hon? Sweetie?”)

Like all Enchanted polishes, November 2015 applies smoothly and evenly, levels out nicely and dries down to a beautiful eggshell finish that I always top with a shimmer-enhancing layer of Seche Vite regardless, because that’s what I always do. Plum gorgeous!

November 2015 Bottle 1

6 thoughts on “Plum Perfect

  1. I guess this one is more “red violet” whereas comparing pix of Jan 2015 is more “Violet red” .. Going by my recollection of the Crayola crayon box colors..

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