Feeling Blue

September 2015 Bottle

This blue beauty is Enchanted Polish’s mystery lacquer for September 2015. I’m of two minds about this polish and where it fits into this year’s blind buy program. On the one hand, it’s a beautiful holographic in a gorgeous, rich colour with an excellent finish. None of those things in a nail polish can remotely be considered bad. But on the other hand, this is the third blue of 2015, and a rather uninspired one at that. It’s probably not a colour I would have nabbed of my own volition, pretty though it is.

September 2015 Shade Fingers

And therein lies the problem I’ve had with these mystery buys – with perhaps one or two exceptions, there’s not a single polish I’ve received this year that I would have purchased myself. And although I’ve never participated in any sort of beauty box-type subscription program (which the Enchanted polishes are not in any event; you’re simply purchasing sight unseen) I know that a big part of the draw is discovering great new brands, products and shades you might not have otherwise chosen for yourself. But there really hasn’t been anything groundbreaking about the shades Enchanted has chosen for 2015, or the finishes (shimmer-flecked holos, all.) Lovely, lovely polishes to be sure, and you better believe I’ve been using the dickens out of them in all manner of nail art, but nothing too special, which I was very much expecting from something so almost, well, secretive. But you do know what they say about Mystery Buy Club, though, right? The first rule is…

September 2015 Sun Fingers


6 thoughts on “Feeling Blue

    • I know, right?! Oh wah, poor me! 😉 But as I just commented to somebody else, this would be a great thing for somebody who doesn’t have as much nail polish as I do – there’s a lot of overlap with me because I’ve got so many similar shades and finishes already.

  1. It’s pretty, but I can’t justify the sight unseen thing when I have so much other polishes/holos (and I already pay monthly for mini Rainbow Honey mystery packages). I think you said you wanted to finish out the year, so maybe something else next year…

    • I plan on doing an end-of-year wrap-up on this little experiment, but pretty much the gist is for people just starting to build their collection or kit, this would be awesome. There’s been a wide range of shades (little heavy on the purple and blue-greys, though), and if these were some of the only holos I had, that would be super. But because I’ve got a lot of polish – you nailed it – there’s a lot of redundancy. There even feels like there’s been a lot of colour crossover between their regular, named polishes and these monthly ones.

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