This Marbled Mani Rocks!

Marbled Hand

My friend WonderfulWolf did some very cool geode-type nails today, which in turn inspired me to rock out with my mani out – emphasis on the “rock.” 😉 This pretty and ever so simple marbled manicure makes great use of the cling wrap technique, to which I added fine gold filaments, like precious, glittering gems trapped in the stone. Rock on!

Marbled Fingers

4 thoughts on “This Marbled Mani Rocks!

  1. I have never even attempted plastic wrap technique…so you put down the base color (lighter blue), let it dry, then layer the other color (darker blue) and “sponge” with wad of plastic wrap?

    • That’s it exactly. It works best with two colours that aren’t too close in tone – pastels can also look a bit muddled. But that’s exactly what you do – put down your base colour, let it dry, top with a coat of another polish, and then after about 15 seconds, dab at it with a scrunched up piece of cling wrap. The nice thing is you can spot-attack areas that don’t get hit on the first pass, and if you screw it up like I did and take too much off, you can just polish over it again and do the cling wrap thing one more time. It’s pretty forgiving.

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