Style Over Substance: A MoYou Stamping Plates Review


I purchased these four MoYou London stamping plates from Daily Charme a few months back in a fit of summertime pique – I had been on a tear of complicated, free-handed nail art, and I imagined my first real foray into stamping would lighten the lazy load a bit. I was also looking forward to stretching my stamping legs – it’s a nail art technique I don’t attempt very often. And when the plates are as beautiful as these four, the results are just bound to be gorgeous, right?

Wrong. Allll the wrongs. It began with the Festive Collection plate. It would not transfer any of the designs to two different stampers, with a multitude of polishes. In between frustrated attempts, I tried my gear out with a previously-used stamping plate from another manufacturer and had no problems getting the design to adhere. After taking a closer look at the plate, it appeared as though the engraved design (an absolutely gorgeous allover one, so intricate in its festive detailing) was simply too shallow to allow for proper design transfer.

Festive Plate

I contacted Daily Charme with my concerns, and they were really wonderful – offered me a full refund if I chose, despite the fact that I had already peeled the protective film off two of the plates. But I really didn’t want to choose – I very much wanted to keep the plates, even in a non-functional capacity (I was initially going to frame the Fairytale and Festive Collection plates, a plan it appears I am going to have to once again revisit.) Daily Charme also offered up a number of helpful tips on the technique of stamping itself, which I put into immediate good use, eeking out three whole nails’ worth of designs from three different plates. Already tired of the fuss, that seemed good enough for me.

Earlier this week, though, I got the idea for a kind of decorative tin roof-type manicure, one I thought would be made appreciably easier by stamping on one of the stained glass designs from the Gothic plate. I think you can guess how it went. As in it didn’t. I couldn’t get a single design to adhere to either of my stampers, using four different polishes. It took me half an hour of messy, acetone-splashed frustration to net absolutely nothing. I could have free-handed the design in that amount of time.

Gothic Plate

I don’t know what the ultimate problem is with these MoYou plates – Did Daily Charme receive a terrible, poorly-etched batch? Is that even possible across four different collections? – or even if the problem is indeed the plates. I mean, I suppose it’s possible my stamping skills are completely deficient – other nail artists seem to think MoYou’s offerings are pretty awesome. But at the risk of sounding full of it, I’m not half bad at this nail art stuff, and I’ve had pretty great results with other stamping plates.

And so with Daily Charme’s generously-offered refund surely no longer on the table all these months later, I’m going to have to press these plates into action as decorative items instead. And they’ll look fantastic, of course (gosh, the unicorn-drawn carriage on the Fairytale plate is stupendous) but that’s somewhat besides the point. Ultimately, it’s tremendously irksome to have paid for something that could not carry out its most basic function. I’m lucky in that I’ve found a good secondary use for these plates, but really, why did I need to find a silver lining in the first place? A regrettable experience with style over substance.

Fairytale Plate

14 thoughts on “Style Over Substance: A MoYou Stamping Plates Review

  1. Wow, this is really disappointing and sad.They’re so beautiful, and to waste time and money for them not to work is pants.
    I really don’t mean to offend your skills because I’m still a stamping novice too as you know and I don’t know what tips the daily charme gave you so I’m so sorry if I’m repeating stuff but did you use a stamping polish? I had issues with stamping before I switched to Konad Polishes. Did you find the black you thought you had? I also find that stamping plates need to be ‘dirtied’ a few times with polish and then cleaned and it just seems to make the plate less slippy or something magically technical like that. And, my final question – what stamper were you using for transfer. So yeah that just made me sound like a pretentious douche but hopefully you can see I was trying to be helpful.
    However! I’ve never used MoYou personally so maybe they actually are, dare I say it without getting done for slander, rubbish? Just over-priced prettiness. I’ve only used silly priced plates and stamper pads from BornPrettyStore, like $0.99 sort of stuff and they’ve all worked pretty damn well.

    • No, no, not at all – I really appreciate the tips. So the stampers and scraper I used were all your basic Konad models, nothing too special. But I HAD had some decent results with other, less expensive plates earlier with the same equipment, so…

      I tried the black Konad I had – and yes, it is the same one! – and got nothing, which is when I really knew something was up. Otherwise, the best results I had were with a silver foil from OPI, of all things.

      I like the idea of roughing them up a little bit, though – I can totally see how a bit of abrasion might make things better. I haven’t totally given up on them, because they are so, so beautiful, but I’m just not sure that using them as intended is going to happen. 😦

      • Oh gosh, that is a bummer. The Daily Charme sounds like they were really reasonable about the whole thing though. Think I’ll maybe avoid MoYou plates now, but they are so pretty!

      • They were really great about it – super accommodating. I’m going to give the plates another shot with a newer, squishier stamper that I’ll be receiving shortly. I’m hoping it’s an unfortunate combo of super poor equipment, not-so-great technique and kind of bummy plates. Which now that I see it all laid out like that, kind of seems like a lot…boo-urns.

  2. I can see why you wanted to keep them, they are really beautiful little art items on their own. You could probably make some beautiful cards or all sorts of other crafts with them. I’ve actually never even heard of nail stamping or seen stamping plates before.

    • That’s a great idea – cards! I hadn’t even thought of that. And right after I purchased my cards for the year, dang it! I’ve mentioned to some other people that I’m going to try them again with a new, squishier stamper and see if that makes a difference (apparently the more malleable the stamper pad, the better – makes sense) but if not, I’m totally going to frame them. I think they’ll look gorgeous.

  3. Oh no! That’s so disappointing 😦 I have quite a lot (and by a lot I really mean a buttload) of Moyou plates, and I haven’t had issues with them… I wonder If it would be worth contacting Moyou directly as it really looks like a manufacturing issue…

    • See, that’s why I think it’s got to be a combo of unfortunate things all happening at once, because other people like you have had no problem with a wide variety of the MoYou plates. I think *I* might be the defective one here! Or at least part of the problem. I’m looking into a big, squishy stamper that I hope will override whatever “shallowness” problem seems to be going on here with the etched designs. Otherwise, I think you’re right – if there’s this big a problem going on, MoYou should probably know.

      • hmmm, I’m sure you would have tried this but sometimes changing the angle that you hold the scraper can help, I have a couple of plates (hehe and LilyAnna ones) where the etching is so shallow that I have to hold the scraper almost flat against the plate surface to get a usable image… I have to admit that there is a stamping product that I just can’t get to work, the creative stamper! It doesn’t matter what I do, I think i have tried everything short of sacrificing rubber chickens to the stamping gods, I can’t get the thing to work! Oooh but if you’re looking for a new stamper the Messy Mansion Pink (extra soft sticky) ones are really lovely! 🙂

      • Thank you, that’s some awesome advice. Wow, you folks are all so much more knowledgeable about this stamping business than me! Lots of super tips here – I WILL GET THOSE DARN PLATES WORKING!

  4. I was also curious what stampers you were using. I’m no expert, lord knows. I got one of those Creative Shop stampers, which I see now there are other companies coming out with dupes for. Maybe something, anything squishier than a Konad might make a big difference?

    • I saw one on IG the other day that I’m looking into right now that is squashy like a big old marshmallow. I’m going to give it a whirl with that and see if I can get these plates working. I mean, there’s just no way all four of them are bad, not when other people have had a lot of luck with them.

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