Guacamonut Hand

Mmm, avocado and donuts – together at last!

About five years ago I loved a short-lived television show by the name of The Good Guys. Starring Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks, it was an hour-long buddy cop comedy about two totally mismatched detectives, Hanks’ Jack Bailey, a young, eager, idealistic go-getter, and Whitford’s Dan Stark, an elaborately mustachioed 1980s throwback still riding high on the glory (and job security) of having once foiled a plot to kidnap the governor’s son. Dan’s so retro, he has virtually no regard for modern day annoyances such as paperwork, “smarty phones” or proper police procedure, and so despite actually being a great detective, he’s relegated to the minor cases (stolen humidifiers, dine-n-dashes) where he can’t screw things up too badly. Except he always does, and somehow, his simple little cases always devolve into major incidents, incidents that require the intervention of his more level-headed partner, his partner who in turn gets sucked into Dan’s craziness and wanton disregard for the very laws he’s sworn to uphold (in keeping with the retro vibe of the show, reckless, destructive car chases feature prominently.)

Dan’s also the kind of guy who swears by old school, in-the-car cop chow – the messier and more grease-soaked, the better. The man’s clearly got an odd relationship to food (when he’s sick, he eats nothing but Cool Ranch Doritos, because the “dust” cleans out his blocked nasal passages, and he was once suspended after opening a mayonnaise jar with his service revolver), although I think my favourite foodie invention of his has to be the guacamonut, which is exactly what you think it is – a cinnamon-dusted donut dunked in spicy guacamole. And while I can’t speak to how a guacamonut might actually taste (horrible, I’m assuming – not everything should be spread on a donut), I can definitely comment on how cute these guacamonut-inspired nails are! Although it’s taking every ounce of my willpower not to slap some sweet, sweet ‘stashes on those little avocados. Dan would so approve.

Sadly, The Good Guys has never been made available for (legal) download or purchase, which is a shame. It’s cute and clever, and Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford have phenomenal buddy cop chemistry. I was disappointed when it was cancelled after just one incomplete season, but obviously its inspiration lives on.

Guacamonut Fingers

10 thoughts on “Guacamonut!

  1. It’s an adorably cute mani (but a revolting food combo)..

    I do seem to remember the show, tho I never watched it. I feel like Colin Hanks was ruined for me as a nut job on Dexter. Now I don’t see sweet Tom Hanks’ sweet son, I see that character. I guess I should watch this new show he is on on CBS, but I am so far behind on shows and the dang DVR is dangerously full…

    • I never watched Dexter – heard it sort of went off the rails at the end. But then again, what doesn’t? Even my beloved Buffy got kind of janky there in the final season.

      I love (?) it when an actor totally plays against type, or at least the type I’ve assigned them in my head. Although sometimes that works against you – I’ve got a friend who I think never totally got over the fact that Buffy (back to her again) was played by SMG, whom she once loathed on whatever soap she was on.

      I hardly watch any new television shows, or, actually, any TV shows at all. I backseat watch a lot of stuff that my husband watches – you know, I’m mostly paying attention to my iPhone or whatever. 🙂

      • SMG was on All My Children I believe… as Kendall? *checks IMDB* … Yep. I am full of useless knowledge regarding who used to be on soap operas. I didn’t even watch most of them except CBS ones on and off. My husband just loves that when I’m like … I recognize that actor!! and by now, he’s like,…. from what soap opera.

        See in our house I’m the TV show watcher and he prefers movies (or Xbox, big time in Xbox right now with fallout 4 coming out last Tues, and a Star Wars game coming tmw), but that’s like a commitment of two hours of my time…

        plus yes I know what you mean about the iPhone. I can’t help but multitask to look at nail stuff or check out stuff about the show/movie on IMDB. Basically my phone is like IMDB Bloglovin and Pinterest. Lately I have taken to recording funny commercials off tv to text to people when I can’t find them on YouTube. Occasionally I make phone calls on it but that’s mostly for work.

      • She was! That was the one – Kendall. It really took her (my friend, that is) a long time to get over that association, if ever.

        And man alive, do I know all about the video game thing – Battlefront was downloaded about a week ago. My husband’s probably going to walk through the door and head straight for the PS4 – I’ll try not to take it too personally.

        As I mentioned, he’s a PS4 guy, so no Fallout for me (lucky, lucky you – I hear there’s mutants, but then again, aren’t there always?) but here’s a funny story: PornHub (yes, that PornHub, like there’d be another) reported a 10 percent decrease in traffic in the hour after Fallout 4 dropped. Ha!

  2. omg that is hilarious about pornhub drop when fallout 4 released last week!! I will have to tell my husband that, he won’t be surprised…5 or 6 guys called off work last Tues because of it (and he scheduled vacation last week for it). And for sure, where there is radiation, there are mutants. I am a little surprised there is so much interest in it? I’ve hung out in the living room thru Skyrim etc (same company Bethesda)…same thing picking up stuff and fighting things…it’s just not for me, I am not a gamer.

    Tonight is Star Wars battlefront or whatever, tho. He preordered both and we got charged right away.

    • I guess my husband has grown out of that take-work-off stage (probably just because he’s very busy at work at the moment; I have no doubt if he weren’t on deadline, there’d be a lot of Fronting the Battle going on around here. Um, except last night our internet just up and totally died, and it’s, like, nearly 100 percent online play.)

      I used to think I wasn’t much of a gamer, but I actually totally am! I really don’t mind watching my husband tool around his games while I’m doing other stuff (although just driving around the map in GTA V is AWESOME.) But I also play a lot of games, too – Donkey Kong Country when I was a kid, the Super Marios, lots of random Nintendo stuff. Then when I got older it was the Sims, and still sort of is. Except the Sims – whatever iteration – gets boring many years in, which is where I’m at right now. I’ve just kind of done everything, built everything…it’s kind of just circling the drain at this point. 😦

      Not the least bit surprised about the Fallout fury, though – that game is wicked popular. Hey, ain’t nuclear fallout fun?!

      • That sucks your internet died!! I do remember you mentioning Sims before. We have a friend that plays a lot of these “building” games on his devices where you develop and construct little societies. And they were both playing a Fallout vault game on their iOS devices. So much effort! After a long day (and sometimes into the evening) of the soul crushing job, I just wanna drink nail polish and pass out. 😀

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