Get Comfy: A Mini Lush Review

The Electric Comforter Collage

I was staring down at this newly acquired bottle of The Comforter shower cream from Lush yesterday when I realized that it is the exact (and exactly perfect) gilded raspberry shade as one of my all time favourite nail polishes, Picture Polish’s Electric Dream. Seemed as good a time as any to co-ordinate my mani to my bath, and take a closer look at both of these fantastic beauty products in the process.

I’ve gone on record as to my abhorrence of that Lush smell, a too, too TOO much combo of every single one of their scents, that wafts out of their stores and kicks you in the face like Ronda Rousey if she were made entirely of patchouli, star anise and tonka bean. It’s what kept me from even entering a Lush store for nearly two decades, that godforsaken smell.

But over on Instagram, a bunch of the nails-and-Lush-and-makeup-and-cats-and-Disney people I follow were going wild for Lush’s recently released holiday items, including some adorable, multi-coloured bath bombs called Luxury Puds that I’m told will make me mistake my bath for a glittery, rainbow-swirled hot spring fit for a unicorn. So I gave in to the non-existent peer pressure and placed a small, safe, experimental order for a handful of bath bombs, tossing in a 100 ml bottle of The Comforter shower cream almost as an afterthought.

And I’m so very glad I did, because The Comforter, one of Lush’s marquis, always-on-offer products, is WONDERFUL. In danger of becoming one of those things I obsess about, even. A rich, golden shimmer-packed shower cream, The Comforter is described on its label as “a cuddle in a bottle with cassis absolute and bergamot oil.” I actually think its name, which evokes cuddly snuggles, is ill-suited to its fresh, almost vegetable-y scent. It’s a mild, softly sweet, gently spiced (but not spicy) fragrance that could not be further from all the usual, super cloying berry scents (makes sense, as currants don’t really have much of a fragrance, do they?) I love it, I love it, I love it, and not just because it smells divine – it also lathered up beautifully and left my sensitive Celtic hide soft and smooth. Plus, like many (but not all) of Lush’s products, The Comforter is vegan – ethical beauty and relaxation at its finest.

Comfy Bottle

And what of the rich, raspberry red colour? Perfection, and a nearly perfect dupe of Picture Polish’s Electric Dream, an all time Finger Candy favourite. Unlike The Comforter, Electric Dream really lives up to its name, applying like a polished dream and drying down to a beautiful eggshell finish – all the better to admire that rich, golden-tinged hue. One of only a handful of polishes in my collection that I’d wear simply as a polish, straight up, no chaser.

The Comforter Fingers

Price-wise, Lush (and indeed, Picture Polish) will always be on the higher end of the spectrum. I was rather shocked at the price of a few items ($9 for a single use bath bomb that I guarantee you will dye the bottom of my tub – and quite possibly my own bottom – bright turquoise?) And this 100 ml bottle of The Comforter (that’s a little less than 3.5 ounces)? $10. Making this one Comforter I’ll only be covering myself in every so often, on special occasions…like Tuesday.

Depending on where you are in the world, Lush’s products are available either in-store or online. Seek out the sage advice of Google, and whether you’re in the States, the UK, Japan or Canada, there will be a Lush to suit your needs. I purchased my goodies via My package arrived four days after I placed my order (it would have been three, save for some postal silliness on my end), nicely packed and bearing very little of that Lush smell (I let my items air out on the diningroom table for a bit regardless, which took care of any lingering smell.) All around, this was a great experience with Lush, and I look forward to remaining Comforted, at least, for many, many more baths to come.

12 thoughts on “Get Comfy: A Mini Lush Review

  1. As always, excellently written post that I enjoy for the visuals of unicorns in my bathtub/hot spring…

    I agree so much about the scent assault (again great visual about Ronda). First time I went ( to get Lemony Flutter and have a look around), no matter what I said about wanting to look around, well heck there’s nowhere to go, they’re right there, so they talk to you. Better than being ignored I guess. I think the only other time I went was to get the MIL a gift set fox Xmas, and they tried to talk me into this $100+ box of stuff. That would make you look like a nut to a Lush newbie (but a hero to a Lush nut!)…

    I also remember thinking the Lemony Flutter was small but I still have most of it. It certainly was outrageously expensive. But I was convinced I had to have it!! Everyone raved…

    Anyway, the polish is awesome and pairs nicely with the Lush product. Then you said something about veggie smell and I’m like…hmm, no thanks? LOL

    Since St Ives and then Tree Hut ruined my life and stopped making the creamy almond body washes I liked, I have recently switched to some white strawberry and mint Oil of Olay. I got a nice sized sample in a Target box and took me awhile to find it locally (Walmart, then scored fun gift set at Walgreens with a similar lotion with almond oil and a nice Venus razor, must get more of that set if possible). It is light pink, for what that’s worth…

    • Light pink always counts!

      And thank you so much for the lovely compliment – I really love it when people comment on my writing. Sometimes I think I yak on too long (probably…)

      And while I love some of the things I recently bought from Lush, I’ve got to admit I’m still kind of unconvinced. Overall, I’m a “baked goods” kind of person when it comes to smell, and I find that Lush just errs too much towards the patchouli and sandalwood side of things. Plus, their prices are just outrageously expensive – I can’t believe some of the people on Instagram who have, like, THOUSANDS of dollars of this stuff. And so much of it is perishable, too! I mean, there’s just no way you’re going through all that product within the best buy time. Which they’re not, because then everybody turns around and unloads it during destashes. It’s very odd. I’ll have more to report back once I try out my bath bombs (plus I’ve got some nail art based off one of them I want to tackle.)

      I’ve heard of Lemony Flutter before, but because of my Lush phobia, I’ve never tried it out. I heard it’s really potent, so I guess that makes up for the price? Although you certainly didn’t seem all that wowed…

      Ain’t nothing wrong with drugstore and cheaper-end brands – it’s so much fun finding things that are almost better than the expensive stuff. My favourite shampoo on earth (which is sadly no longer made) was Timotei (oat and honey) and it was, like, $1.99 a bottle. Also, the Pure Ice polishes you can get at Walmart are less than $2 a bottle and they’re awesome.

      • Ah well you know I do go on as well. I like the colorfully written longer posts, where all the fun stuff happens. 😏

        I guess I can’t say much about the Lush products (or people’s hoarding tendencies, cough)…I think the only other thing I got there for myself other than Lemony Flutter, was some kind of lotion/massage bar, which I seem to have misplaced. The Lemony Flutter was fine-ish…best for using before bed during the winter when things are really dry. But I just have a lot of other products to use too, since I bought like five of the Sunny’s Body Product sets this year.

        I agree, there is nothing wrong with the cheapies – you say Pure Ice and I say Sinfulcolors! My gawdddd how I love Sinfulcolors. I recently took them out of the Melmer to see what the heck I even have. They are so great!!! And I had this $26 Guerlain polish (purple of course – Nuit Merveilleuse arrive yesterday and I’m like ah, I know I have a dupe for this. Silly.

      • By the way, I meant to tell you that my description of The Comforter as “vegetable-y” was perhaps a bit incorrect. Like, it doesn’t smell like greens or, say, a potato! It’s more like unadorned currant smell – if you smushed some currants in your palm and sniffed them. It’s this totally natural, fruity – but not sweet and cloying – scent; very nice.

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