Whoopie Fingers

I do believe this is the most randomly-inspired manicure I have ever attempted.  Behold, my polished tribute to the fluorescent green, purple and periwinkle skirted formal jumpsuit Whoopie Goldberg wore to the 1993 Oscars!  There were also matching shoes.  Random, of course, because that’s actually a pretty accurate description for the “Genie goes black tie” dress she wore (a photo of which you can see here, courtesy of Us Weekly) and also because, well, Whoopie Goldberg?  Or, more accurately, a single dress worn by Whoopie Goldberg over 20 years ago?  Although I must say, cracked out Genie look notwithstanding, the colours in her embroidered jumpsuit (did I mention the jumpsuit part was embroidered?) and duster overlay were stunning, and she looked gorgeous.  Whoopie should garb herself in manic jewel tones all the time, methinks.  Just like my nails!

Whoopie Hand

3 thoughts on “Whoopie!

  1. I realize it’s a little “costume-y”, but I don’t even care it’s on a worst dressed list. Go on Whoopi, Guinan would be proud!

    Excellent mani tribute — I think I see your Smitten Easter Grass green used? What are the colors, the purple and others…?

    • I actually think I’d rather people go bonkers on a major red carpet than all the safe, nude, glittery dresses you see now. More Whoopi, Bjork and Chers are needed immediately.

      And there’s that good eye again! That is indeed Easter Grass. The purple over top of it is Glam Polish’s Lydia (after Beetlejuice), the green on my middle two fingers (which is actually different – it’s kind of a silvery-greeny-gold foil) is Pure Ice’s Lucky Charming (it’s so cool – looks kind of furry, but stains like a beast) and the two blues are Essie’s Pret-A-Surfer (the darker one) and Salt Water Happy (the lighter one.)

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