Crunch Berries!

Crunch Berry Fingers

This sugary dotticure is part of YOUR complete breakfast!  Just not my complete breakfast, because I’ve actually never had a bowl of Cap’n Crunch before – too sweet.  I tend to like my cereal kind of…cardboardy? Grape Nuts, Just Right, Fruit ‘n Fibre (so many “‘ns” in cereal names, no?) Then again, I’m also a fan of bran muffins, so apparently there really is no accounting for taste.  But I don’t believe that Bran Bits make for attractive nail art, and so I’ll give the sugary stuff preferential treatment, just this once.

Crunch Berry Hand

2 thoughts on “Crunch Berries!

  1. Have to agree this makes for better nail art than bran flakes. I occasionally recreate my fave cereal of my youth, Dino Pebbles, which was an offshoot of Flintstones Fruity Pebbles. It was basically Rice Krispies and little Dino shaped dehydrated marshmallows. You can get the marshmallows off Amazon (kind of generic lucky charms shapes).

    You know I’m going to ask: what’s the purple holo used here? I couldn’t recognize any of the polishes this time, lol…

    • Dino marshmallows sound delightful! Never had a jones for that kind of cereal, even though they’re all so cute and colourful.

      The purple is one of Enchanted’s mystery polishes from this year – August, I believe. It’s a really nice, grape soda kind of colour.

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