Merry Pinkmas!

Pinkmas Bottle

Today I have another seasonal pick from KB Shimmer, this time Merry Pinkmas, a blogger collaboration shade from their 2013 winter holiday collection.  Created in conjunction with Cristina of Let Them Have Polish, a blogger and nail artist probably best known for her all-pink approach to the holidays, Merry Pinkmas is a bright pink crelly loaded (and I do mean loaded) with hex, square and circle glitter in an eye-popping assortment of green, pink, white and red hues.  It’s super sugary sweet and reminds me of beautiful Christmas ribbon candy.  I purchased my bottle last year when KB re-released Merry Pinkmas as part of a greatest hits holiday mini collection.

But a word about all that glitter.  It’s plentiful, and can make application a pain.  Even going slowly and polishing carefully, I had issues with the glitter bunching up on itself.  Two thick layers of topcoat will be necessary.  I used only one for this manicure, and you can regrettably tell – my index finger in particular looks like it might actually be coated in crushed ribbon candy.  Which is a look, sure, but not quite the one I was going for, no matter how much I might like it when my nails look like candy!

Pinkmas fingers

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