The Leftovers

Happy Thanksgiving, American friends!  In honour of your big day (already gave myself away as Canadian with that O-U) I have put together this gallery of nail art featuring some of my favourite feasting foods.  Foods you probably shoved into your faces some hours ago, which naturally means you are all now in the throes of your post-feast comas, which means I’m talking to myself! Again.

We’ll start at the top with the king of the Thanksgiving feast, the turkey. This manicure actually features chicken drumsticks, but semantics, yeah?

Chicken Marsala

Although I would do no such thing myself (CARBS FOR LIFE!), we’ll skip over the carbohydrates for now.  I’ve yet to tackle a mashed potato mani, and I’m not about to start!

Pigs are the other animal to get the shaft at Thanksgiving, with ham featuring prominently on many a holiday table.  For this years’ old manicure, I used a favourite homemade polish, Hawaiian Ham.  In retrospect, it’s kind of sick that I have the pigs – jumping the gun a bit on the Christmas thing there, lads – overseeing the ham on my thumb. Those are some hard truths to be covering in nail art.

Christmas Ham

Don’t forget to eat these.

Eat Your Veggies

Somewhere, there will be a plate of Deviled Eggs.


And a dish of cranberry sauce, hopefully still in the shape of the can and bearing its rings (as a small aside, this is one of my favourite manicures ever!)

Cranberry Jelly Fingers

Some jerk will bring one of these.


They might even bring two.

Frosted Fruitcake

You may have very optimistically started one of these in the afternoon. DO NOT EAT IT – you’ve had enough today!  Some things have to be off limits (gingerbread houses should always be off limits.)


If your uncle won’t shut up about Obamercare, you may need to consume one or two (or 12) of these candy apple martinis.

Candy Appletini

After which the guacamonut may start looking like a real viable option.

Guacamonut Hand

Or this.  Not sure which one is more frightening!


Then you’ll come home, pass out on the couch and the circle of Thanksgiving will be complete!  But whatever shape your holiday took (I certainly hope it didn’t go down the guacamonut path – no good can come of that) I hope you had a happy one, friends. 🙂

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