All Decked Out

All Decked Out bottle

I suspect there are quite a few people who use the day after Thanksgiving to dig out their holiday decorations and double down on this Christmas business in earnest.  I’m not even American and I’ve got the big time jones to haul my dusty artificial tree out of storage and commence my yearly mini lighting-induced breakdown.

And what better nail adornment to be sporting for the occasion than another KB Shimmer polish, this time Deck the Halls, a moss green jelly studded with rainbow hex glitter and tiny gold stars?  It’s Christmas tree in a bottle, and the perfect finishing touch if you want your nails to be as pretty as your holiday tablescape.

I purchased this polish last year, and much like the mossy green colour of the jelly base, it’s one I’ve had to let grow on me.  I adore jelly-based glitters, but I find they work best in crisp, clear colours that let the (typically) holographic glitter shine through the shimmery depths.  Dark jellies, like this blackened green, dull that shine considerably, and tinge anything gold (like All Decked Out’s gorgeous little stars) a burnished, muddy hue.

So I wasn’t a big fan last year.  And while I can’t say that my feelings towards All Decked Out have changed all that much this year, I’m warming to its Christmas tree realness – I like to see a tree-inspired polish in an actual shade of tree as opposed to, say, the more common (and plastic) electric neon green.


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