Hamming It Up

Hammy Bottle

This polish, Hawaiian Ham, my first – and so far best – homemade creation is the lacquer equivalent of a snuggly security blanket.  Its mix of pink, brown, copper and marigold-hued glitter is warm and homey-looking, and its name conjures up fond memories of holiday meals past.  I can also always count on adoring whatever manicure Hawaiian Ham touches, but then again, I’m rather biased.  The Ham just completes me.

It may also be because I’m still in total awe of the fact that I made a nail polish.  And not just A nail polish either, but one that’s pretty, applies nicely and has remained goop-free and colourfast for two years now. Like, that’s some advanced DIY-ing right there! Looking forward to trying my hand at some glittery presents for friends and family this year; if they turn out half as well as Hawaiian Ham, I’ll be a happy little polish maker indeed.

Hammy Fingers



2 thoughts on “Hamming It Up

  1. I can honestly say I haven’t seen this glitter combo anywhere else…you should (make more and) sell it! Finger Candy would also be a good nail polish line name!

    • Thank you! I have thought about it before, but crafting and I have never particularly seen eye to eye when I try to turn it into a “thing.” I swear the only reason this worked is because it was a one-off (or a six-off – I’ve made six different polishes total.) I actually recently purchased some more supplies to make some Christmas goodies, so we’ll see how that goes. But I like the Finger Candy Polish. 😉

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