SELFie on the Shelfie

Selfie Bottle

Actually, I don’t go in for that Elf on the Shelf business.  If some mischief-making little gnome wants to bugger around my house after hours, the least he can do is leave the fun decorating stuff to me and instead run a couple of loads of laundry and maybe clean the litter box.  Jerk.

Selfies are also pretty awful.  But then again, I am an Old and I still don’t understand what “on fleek” means.

But!  This super fun, wonderfully festive polish, KB Shimmer’s sELFie, is, trendy name notwithstanding, AWESOME.  Every year I quite optimistically purchase a can’t-be-mistaken-for-any-other-season-but-Christmas polish (your basic tree in a bottle) and every year I’m disappointed.  KB’s offering from last year’s holiday collection was dark and murky, the total antithesis of a bright and shiny Christmas tree, and the less we say about the polish I used in one of my ugliest – and most popular – manicures, the better.

But KB’s hit it out of the park with sELFie, a beautiful – and beautifully made – green holographic glitter sprinkled with red, blue, purple and gold hexes.  It is SO Christmas – like you’re painting your nails with crushed ornaments. Which, were this any other all-glitter polish, is exactly how application would go – Snag City.  But sELFie is that rare polish that is the absolute perfect mix of base and glitter, applying smoothly and evenly. You could certainly use this lacquer as a one-coat glitter topper over a favourite festive polish, but I got it to full, glorious opacity in two and a smidge coats (two regular coats and a bit of touching up, mostly right at the tips of my nails.)

Selfie Fingers Straight On

Oddly enough, I don’t tend to wear a lot of nail polish in my day to day life, but I know sELFie is going to be getting a lot of play on my fingertips this season – it’s the perfect holiday mani!  As always, if you also find this polish divine, you can find it and its collection mates at both KB Shimmer and Harlow & Co.

Selfie Fingers Angled


6 thoughts on “SELFie on the Shelfie

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    • Right?! But no, I hardly ever do. But as I just mentioned in another comment to you, I recently dyed my nails bright yellow-green, so I’ve got no choice but to wear polish until it grows out.

      • So you paint your nails for the blog pix, and then remove polish and go around all (nail) nude??

        There’s no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy either…my world is crumbling….*rocking in fetal position)…

      • Sometimes, yeah, totally. You’d cry if you saw some of the manis I’ve just blithely acetone’d out of existence because it’s time to move on to the next thing. But this stained nails business is throwing a real kink in my typical unpolished plans.

        And I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but leprechauns, mermaids and the Sasquatch are also not real. The Chupacabra is, though, so keep an eye out.

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