11 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. I’m all shook up now, all those green holiday manis and suddenly you hit me with valentines sweater…it gets earlier every year!

    • I just like to keep everybody on their toes! Also, I used so many green polishes without a base coat recently, I dyed my nails pea (pee?) green. I’ll have a picture up of that particular monstrosity when I post the polish that did it probably tomorrow (Colors by Llarowe’s Gemini Rising) but I assure you, they are GREEN. The pink felt like a much needed palate cleanser!

      • No base coat!?! *clutching at my pearls*

        Yeah…I heard that about CbL Gemini Rising, being a serious stainer, so that is definitely the culprit. I was like uh oh when I saw you’d used it..

        I remember when I took off OPI Tiffany Case and had serious Smurf nails. I ended up bleaching them, with no apparent side effects other than reeking of bleach, but that’s going pretty far. Scrubbing with acetone soaked cotton balls and using cuticle remover usually helps me some (Orly’s claims to remove stains). I think I also tried (whitening) toothpaste and/or hydrogen peroxide & baking sofa, don’t remember that doing anything, hence the bleaching…

        Another surprise one was Different Dimension’s The Lovers The Dreamers and Me…it is like periwinkle and when you take it off your nails are hot pink!

      • Oh, I was such a moron with this polish – I didn’t spare a thought for staining until I had my third coat on and was suddenly like, “Huh. This is probably going to stain.” Holy crap, did it EVER. I’ve never had staining like this with anything – my nails are piss yellow two days on. 😦

        Did you really take bleach to your nails? Yee-ikes! I went after them hard yesterday with acetone, which helped a bit. I’ve heard a baking soda paste on a toothbrush can also help, but I’ve never had much luck in that department. Next time I shall not forget the base when it comes to gold-tinged greens.

        And cuticle remover, you say? Hmm, I’ve got some of that kicking around. I will absolutely give it a whirl and report back. Thanks for the tips.

  2. lol “baking sofa” I noticed in my comment above. Of course when I actually try to type SOFA it’s like oh don’t you mean soda? FU auto correct!!

    …”until I had my third coat on and was suddenly like, “Huh. This is probably going to stain.” …”

    Sorry, this made me giggle a bit…at least you realized it! The ones I mentioned were completely surprising to me!! Doh!

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