Scratch So Good: A Mini Lush Review

Salt Scrub 1

Looks like a fungus, behaves like a peppermint-scented dream about warm, scratchy things. 🙂

This evening I’m bringing you another tiny review of a Lush product, this time Salt and Peppermint Bark, a solid, bar-form salt scrub scented with sweet peppermint.  A new release from their holiday line, Salt and Peppermint Bark is deliciously, delightfully scratchy – I have a small, perpetually itchy patch of skin on my knee that seems impervious to anti-itch products, and I could have gladly worried away the entire bar on that one spot alone.  Oh, it scratched so good!  But my arms and legs also demanded attention, and this salt scrub really proved its worth there, too, buffing, softening and lightly scenting my skin with sea salt, cocoa butter and crisp peppermint.

The one drawback I can see to this product is that if you go too hard on the scrub-a-dub-dub motion, the salt part of this particular peppermint bark will be right there to remind you to use a lighter touch next time. Buff carefully.

Available in stores and via Lush’s website (I’m providing you with the Canadian link) Salt and Peppermint Bark retails for $9.95 a bar and is, like so many of Lush’s products, vegan-friendly.

20 thoughts on “Scratch So Good: A Mini Lush Review

  1. Ok honestly I saw the pic before anything else (including your blog name), I was immediately like WHOA moldy toast? Scrolled a bit and was like…moldy cereal? Then I was like ah it is Sandra’s blog and that is a Lush product. You wacky Canadians!

    Speaking of, Ryan Gosling hosted SNL this past weekend, so there were lots of Canadian references. If I knew he was one of you, I’d forgotten. I’m not a big fan of his tho…neutral indifference.

    Back to this Lush product…as horrible as it looks, the concept does sound good. I have been feeling itchy, especially my right arm (???)….I ended up tonight using Curel anti itch body wash and Cetaphil lotion in effort to go neutral, seems to have worked? I was using that KB Shimmer lavender sugar scrub on my arm earlier and that helped. A Lush brillo pad might be just what the doctor ordered…

    • Bahahahahaha, moldy toast! Yes, it does look a bit janky, but it works nicely, if you use a lighter-than-me touch, it won’t scratch up your skin too much and it smells super nice. Moisturizing, too. Another blogger pointed out, correctly, that she thinks it’ll disintegrate rather quickly, and I’m inclined to agree – that’s why I’ve got it corralled in a soap dish. But until it goes to pieces, it’s nice to have something solid to hang on to.

      I think unless you’re one of those people who religiously exfoliate (I’m not; weirdly, I’m not a huge “product” person) we’re all going to be sort of dried out and itchy at this time of year. I had some rather big issues with stress-induced (exacerbated) psoriasis a couple of years back, but that has – knock on wood – more or less cleared up. So any product I’ve ever used to combat itch has been, like, nuclear strength. This really works, though, and the peppermint doesn’t irk my skin.

      Wacky Canadians?! I guess so? Mostly I find we’re pretty rude and overly obsessed with craft beers and hockey. I haven’t watched SNL in, oh, about a decade (!) but I saw that the Gos and Mike Myers did a little bit together. Weirdly enough, I think I’d take Mike Myers over Ryan Gosling any day – gorgeous dude for sure, but he doesn’t do it for me. Although Lars and the Real Girl made me bawl like a lunatic…

      • That movie was so odd…I am not sure I saw the whole thing, not the beginning, anyway. They advertised two new movies of his during the first couple commercial breaks, so I guess he’s been busy.

        Funny you refer to rudeness, the rest of the world thinks Canadians are super nice…

      • We are so not! I find most Canadians to be pretty jerky. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Canadian, but I think the “sweet, beer-swilling doormat” rep we have is bullshit.

    • Hey, cool – but you’re right, it looks like it’s disintegrating because it is. I understand that after three or four uses it’ll start to fall apart (hence the soap dish to catch all the crumbly bits.) I just like that it’s in a solid bar to begin with – I always find that granular scrubs just sort of wash away in your hands. This gives you something to hold on to…for a little while.

    • Right, so here’s how it all shook down: I got one awesome first-time use out of the bar, then four pretty good uses. My bar then broke into four pieces. I used two, and then threw out the remaining two because they had lost all their colour and scent and actually smelled a bit like mold. And for 10 bucks? Yeah, probably not again. 😦

      • Eh, it’s always worth a try. I so don’t get the people that buy tons and tons of this stuff, though. It’s perishable, for goodness sake! I saw an IG photo of some woman’s entire king size bed just covered in Lush products – bananas.

    • You’re not the first person to comment that this looks moldy! Then again, I find that most of Lush’s products look like a fungus. I’m not actually all that much for the “natural” look – presentation is big with me, in addition to function, and I just like things to look pretty and not like a science experiment.

      • I know what you mean, it bugs me that their Karma Komba solid shampoo has a dried flower in it for NO OTHER PURPOSE that the ‘natural’ look and getting stuck in your hair looking disgusting.

      • I once saw a comment on an article about Lush from a black woman who was railing against their solid shampoo that was apparently super moisturizing and taming for her hair type, but LOADED with shaved coconut. She said she looked like she had a crippling case of dandruff, with her hair all spackled with coconut bits. NOT HELPFUL, LUSH!

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