Rise Against

Gemini Rising Collage

Kicking off this overcast Tuesday morning with a super lush, mega vibrant holographic polish from Colors by Llarowe, Emerald City-hued Gemini Rising.  This is my first CbL polish, and it’s a stunner – a deep, grass green holo shot through with festive golden shimmer.  What a beaut.

Gemini Rising Shade Fingers

But (why is there always a but?) a quick word about something I neglected to give half a second’s thought to before I had three coats of this polish already adorning my topcoat-less nails – Gemini Rising stains like a BEAST.  Don’t believe me?  Gird your loins and check this out:

Oh Holy Crap

Frightening, yes?  I have never had a polish stain like this one.  Greens, blue-greens and various shades of yellow always tend to stain the most (makes sense with this polish, actually, as the green base and gold shimmer would combine to create ultra-stainy turquoise) but this is really next level.  Four days on and my nails are still the same sallow, sickly yellow.

So would I wear this polish again?  Yes, absolutely, but carefully.  It’s gorgeous and so perfect for this time of year (to say nothing of all the nail art utility I will get out of it come springtime, when grass green polishes really prove their worth) but I will never, ever forget to apply a base coat with Gemini Rising again – maybe even two.  Actually, in hindsight, use two.  Better safe than stainy.

Gemini Rising Sun Fingers

13 thoughts on “Rise Against

    • Beautiful, beautiful colour, but yes, the staining has been most impressive. And I only had it on for maybe an hour before I took it off for something else. Imagine what could have been if I had left it on overnight or something?

  1. Holy crap, that is insane staining! I wasn’t reading at first and thought you’d done some funky nail art! 😀 The green is kinda worth it, though – so pretty.

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