Put My Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It

Flip Hand

Earlier in the week I posted a manicure featuring a golden gradient over a denim blue base.  It was an elegant and somehow understated look, and a welcome change from my usual “all the all” approach to nail art.

So OF COURSE I couldn’t let that stand, choosing instead to flip things around and go for the glitter, this time topping a megawatt golden sparkler, Orly’s Bling, with a blue (and black) matte glitter, Ardene’s Photobomb. Pretty.  Sometimes it pays to mix it up, but it also always feels great to come home, does it not?

Flip Fingers.jpg

6 thoughts on “Put My Thing Down, Flip It and Reverse It

  1. Great title for the post!

    Good combo…since I am lacking in creative thinking department, I would not have thought of this, I wouldn’t know what to do with that glitter…

    • Ha, thank you. Missy’s pretty awesome.

      That glitter is surprisingly versatile. I’ve used it over white, yellow, pink and now gold, and it always looks pretty great. My mom gave it to me in my stocking last year!

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