The Monochromatic Mermaid (III)

Mermaid Bottle

With apologies to the smattering of kind people who liked this post the first two times I attempted to publish it.  I’m actually running a bit of an informal test here to see if the time of posting makes as much of a difference as I seem to believe it does (as in, the sweet spot for my blog, that gap of time that puts my work in front of as many people as possible, is 9:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST.  Anything outside of that will net me not even one quarter of the interest were it published during the magic hours. If my suspicions are correct, it will be an annoying, but helpful, piece of information on how to more efficiently manage my blog.)

And I have to believe it’s a matter of timing, because the alternative – that this manicure bloody sucks, which I don’t believe it does – is rather unappealing.  As an informal nail artist and blogger, I put a lot of thought and effort into my work, and the thought that it’s passing by unnoticed because of an issue of timing is aggravating in the extreme.  So we’re going to try this thing one more time, with feeling! for the cheap seats in the back! to see if this mani does indeed blow, or do I just need to get a better handle on my posting schedule?

Details, details.  And the details on this particular manicure are as follows: A England’s turquoise Whispering Waves under two coats of Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s stunning holographic glitter, Mermaid.  Pretty no matter what time of day, but let’s see if third time’s the charm, shall we?

Mermaid Bottle 2

10 thoughts on “The Monochromatic Mermaid (III)

  1. Both polishes are pretty, and great together! Amazingly, I have held off ordering Whispering Waves as of yet….but…I ran errands today and ended up with some of the new OPI and China Glazes coming home with me from Sally’s, and Walgreens had some Sinful Colors at 99 cents last chance…sorry not sorry 😀

    So can you start scheduling for that time period you mentioned?

    • Too tempting to resist!

      If I’m home and awake during that late night time period, I will post, and already do, although actually, there is no rhyme or reason to anything blog-related – it just does its thing, and I try to figure out a pattern, which never works.

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