Berried Alive

Berried Alive Bottle

At the risk of dooming us all to four more months of continuous ice, sleet and snow, the weather around my neck of the Canadian woods lately has been nothing short of positively sublime.  Occasionally in the minuses and frequently sort of drizzly and overcast, sure, but abnormally warm for this time of year, and delightfully so!  I can’t think of anyone who’s bummed by this turn of weather events (I have a very apt saying regarding Ontario winter weather: “Every day it doesn’t snow is another day it doesn’t snow.”)  I actually think I saw a dude wearing shorts last week (ain’t that warm, brother, but you do you.)

So in honour of the weird – but welcome! – winter weather I’m presently enjoying, I thought I’d put together a summery, glittery manicure featuring a new-to-me lacquer, Wicked Polish’s Berried Alive.  A cursory online search seems to suggest that Wicked is no longer in business.  So if you’re truly wowed by this polish, you may have trouble finding it.  I purchased my bottle on sale through Harlow & Co.

But there’s not a ton to be wowed about here, so I’m cool with the one-and-doneness of Berried Alive.  The main problem with this polish is that there is far too much base for the amount of glitter, compounded by the fact that the glitter (an adorable mix of squares, circles, hexes, rectangles, triangles and little pink butterflies) is quite heavy, while the base is quite thin.  In order to pick up ANY glitter on my brush, I had to dump a great big bloody dollop of polish onto my nail and then kind of smoosh it around.  That my manicure didn’t wind up a be-bubbled disaster is nothing short of amazing.  Viewed in profile, I’ve got at least half an inch of polish built up on my nails.

But cute?  So cute!  The colour scheme is adorable (very Mike and Ike) and the mix of glitter VERY reminiscent of my favourite indie polish maker, Candy Lacquer.  But whereas Candy Lacquer excels at both style and substance, Wicked Polish has failed on at least one of those fronts, and is not quite worth the extra (messy) hassle.  So I wouldn’t worry too much about missing out on this polish, cute though it is.

Berried Alive Fingers

3 thoughts on “Berried Alive

  1. Well it is cute on the bottle/on the nail/in pix…without the bottle in the shot I’d have assumed Candy Lacquer.

    If there is too much base then I like using a makeup sponge wedge…soaks it up and gets more glitter on the nail…

    Weather here also warm, no complaints after two “polar vortex” years (tho usually that was in Jan/Feb). Who needs a white Christmas? Not this girl.

    • Excellent idea – I never thought of that. 🙂 Although I’ve only had a problem with too much base maybe once before. Typically it goes the other direction and everything gets all dried out.

      Team No Snow! Of course, it would be lovely if we could have a white Christmas, but just the one day and then it’s time to piss off again.

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