Dead Men Toe No Tales

Dead Man Bottle shade side

Hey-oh!  Just a little Pirates of the Caribbean-nail polish humour for you there.

So this is dope, right?  Maybe a smidge out of season, but frankly, I’m feeling a bit burnt out on all the bright and sparkly and festive these days. Perhaps what I’m looking for is a polish whose hue can most charitably be described as cadaver-esque?  This is Girly Bits Cosmetics’ Dead Man’s Toe, a purple shimmer-infused, zombie green creme from their Fall 2015 collection. The shimmer in this one does all sorts of tremendous things for the creme base, giving this army green polish an almost oily type of sheen.  That actually sounds sort of unpleasant, in retrospect.  Um, Dead Man’s Toe is the colour of queasiness, but in a good way?  Okay, that’s no better.  Dead Man’s Toe is a beautifully unique polish with a gorgeous formulation and tons of rich visual interest?  Bingo!

Dead Man Fingers front

12 thoughts on “Dead Men Toe No Tales

  1. Love that color! And I have to tell you: I love how you write! I’d read your blog just for that even if you didn’t do nails. 🙂

  2. So I also have this polish, it was included in a blog sale grab bag….I dunno, tho. Not sure if it is the name or the color (or both)… I don’t see me ever wearing this, but hey, you never know…one day I may look at it and like it more…

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