2015’s Most Valuable Polishes

Best Polishes of 2015 Collage

** I believe this goes without saying in a year-end round-up post, but this is a picture-heavy post. **

Personally, 2015 was about as distressing a year for me as one could (not) ask for. I shall not be sad to see it go. But in terms of quality nail polish acquisition, well, THAT I had in spades.  Priorities, yeah?  In fact, I began the year by sinking every last cent of my holiday gotten gains into nothing but nail polish and nail polish-related accessories.  Still with the priorities.  Along the way I ran across a couple of “meh”s and one or two outright duds, but the majority of this year’s purchases have proven to be eye-catchingly gorgeous, wonderfully unique and beautifully made.  Could you ask for more?  Well, yes, how about great customer service from the predominately indie manufacturers and stocklists that carry these polishes?  Because they certainly had THAT in spades – friendly, professional and helpful, all.

I had initially thought to limit this list to 12 polishes, but that proved to be an impossibility because…well, just because!  Besides, 16 (plus one dark horse entry right in the last three weeks of the year) look so much nicer all laid out in a pretty collage.  Should you wish to check out the original posts where I swatched these polishes, talked up their lovely attributes and undoubtedly yakked on about my cats and/or The Lost Boys, simply click on the name of the polish below.  All right, let’s get into this thing!

Enchanted Polish’s Entwined.


I Love Nail Polish’s Supernova.


KB Shimmer’s Rust No One.

Rust No One Bottle

Enchanted Polish’s Magical Mystery Tour.

Magical Mystery

KB Shimmer’s Such a Vlad-Ass.

Vlad Bottle

Candy Lacquer’s Butterfly Candy.

Butterfly Candy Bottle

Dollish Polish’s Get Your Sprinkle On!


Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Dream.

Dream Bottle

A England’s Crown of Thistles.

A England

Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s Just Add Milk.

Cookie Crop

Candy Lacquer’s Ring Pops.

Ring Pops Bottle

KB Shimmer’s Leaf of Faith.

Be-Leaf Bottle

Enchanted Polish’s Dope Jam.

Dope Jam Bottle Sun

KB Shimmer’s Soul Deep.


I Love Nail Polish’s Electric Carnival.

Electric Circus

Enchanted Polish’s Freeze Machine.

Freeze Machine Bottle

And one to grow on, that last minute entry, Color Club’s Crystal Baller.

Crystal baller.jpg

4 thoughts on “2015’s Most Valuable Polishes

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing your top picks of the year!
    From your list, I love:
    • I Love Nail Polish’s Supernova and Electric Carnival
    • Enchanted Polish’s Magical Mystery Tour
    • Liquid Sky Lacquer’s Dream
    • A England’s Crown of Thistles

    Here's hoping to a better 2016!

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