Merry Boxmas!

Mysterious Secret

While I might choose to abstain from December 26th’s annual glut of post-holiday consumerism (I would sooner staple my head to the carpet than go near anything retail-oriented today) I can always appreciate a day off, in this case a day off from the holidays.  Because no matter what you choose to celebrate, holidays, period, are just hard work, yeah?  So much prep and worry and planning and then it’s over in a flash.

But I actually had a very nice holiday – a super fun reunion with old friends, lots of visits with an even older friend (and her new plus one), a wicked cool early morning screening of Star Wars courtesy of Mr. Finger Candy’s company, an obscenely large (and old school) fresh turkey for Christmas dinner, also thanks to the Mr.’s company, a couple of festive lunches (and one Swiss Chalet Festive Dinner) with my parents, a very nice holiday lunch with my husband’s family here in our home, and a pretty spectacular Christmas Day supper – and all of it capped off, literally, with this fly turkey hat, which represents the best $20 I think I’ve ever spent.


Anyhoodle, these nails are pretty and sparkly in a fun and festive way that suggests that the holiday season is not quite over and done with – and yet another glittery version of the “blended tree in a bottle” look that I’m so very fond of.  Here I used two coats of Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s Secret Garden over Enchanted Polish’s mystery pick for November 2015. Although that’s not exactly a secret OR a mystery any more, I suppose!

Mysterious Secret Fingers

3 thoughts on “Merry Boxmas!

  1. Epic. Hat. !! 😀

    Sounds like a good holiday, awesome on the company provided movie screening/turkey! We finally saw the movie on 12/23. Someone nearby had a snooze during a lot of the middle, so we had our own Darth Vader breathing special effect! (Unless they attended alone not sure why companion did not awaken them!!! It was so loud!!)

    I really like this polish combo. I did go with Zoya Oswin and KB Shimmer Dressed to Gild. I realized I do not have much green polish, dark or light. I mean there were choices, just not tons. I went with a dark green Julie G texture with Sinful Colors green/gold glitter over it. I did top coat the f out of all of it… 🙂

    Happy holidays!!

    • What?! How do you fall asleep in the middle of Star Wars? I’ve actually never really gotten the hulabaloo, but it was such a fun movie, and purely from a pop culture perspective, it was really kind of thrilling. I wore Leia buns and star earrings to the screening we went to (and yes, it was super cool of his company to do that; also the turkey, which I’m eating leftovers of right this second, and they’re freaking delicious.)

      Ooh, Dressed to Gild is such a pretty polish – those two together would look fantastic. Sounds like you had a very merry mani – I hope the rest of your holiday was equally as nice?

      • Well I will admit I drowsed off in this same theater during Avengers 2…it is the big recliner seating they have…you get too comfy and fall asleep just like at home (which I do because of my odd sleep patterns trying to fight being a night owl). And this person was up there in age I think. I kept thinking the loud parts would wake them up (or a companion would), but it did go on. I guess if I can nod off in Avengers then Star Wars VII is also fair game…

        Leia buns sound fun! Her real life daughter was in the movie wearing little Leia buns and had a line addressed to her mother.

        Turkey sounds good, we had a beef roast, it was a nice little family holiday on Christmas Day. Definitely a blingy mani, I only did the gold glitter on my thumb nails, I figure it will take awhile to soak off. Hopefully the Zoya Oswin comes off easy-ish…I found the early Zoya textures were easy enough, but the big glitter seems to stick no matter what. I didn’t use peel off base as it can pop off the following afternoon before I’m ready…but it also depends on the polish, as one stuck for a good few days.

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