Holiday Wine

Holiday 2015 Collage

I thought the last lacquer in Enchanted Polish’s 2015 mystery buy program was going to be the as-yet-unswatched December 2015, but it turns out Enchanted had a little surprise up its sleeve, rounding out the year with a special holiday polish to make 2015’s offerings an even baker’s dozen. This gorgeous wintery wine is Holiday 2015, and it’s everything I thought KB Shimmer’s Men Are From Mars-ala was going to be, but regrettably was not – a rich, brown-leaning holograhpic red.  That it’s the more flattering of the two choices is not surprising, given its hints of gorgeous, purpley-red shimmer, which means it’s really not any kind of marsala at all, but hey, wine is wine, amirite? (Says the woman who imbibed high school-style during a reunion of friends and paid for it for the remainder of the holidays.  “Never again!” she AND her friends undoubtedly said…until next year when they plan to do it all over again.)

Holiday 2015 Collage Holo

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