In the Year 2015

Best Nail Art of the Year Collage

If 2015 was the year my nail polish collection went from manageable to the edge of some TLC special, it was also the year my nail art abilities went from pretty good to damn, girl, I’m impressed!  Somewhere around the mid-point of the year things just sort of clicked with me – outlining, shadowing and other bits of arty realism started creeping in, taking my work, I thought, from your standard nail art to something a little more special. But then again, I’m obviously totally biased, so grain of salt and all that, yeah?

I had initially thought to limit my 2015 best-ofs to a standard 12 or even 20, but what with being so impressed with myself and all, I thought I’d aim for a solid 25.  Also, 25 photos look nicer in a collage than 20.  Should you wish to check out the original posts that went along with these manicures, simply click on the highlighted title of each post.  Enjoy, and thank you, as always, for your interest in this blog and your even kinder words of encouragement – it is a delight to nail-art with you. 🙂

Best Collage Row 1

Cranberry Jelly: Cranberry sauce just ain’t cranberry sauce without the can ring indentations, even on your nails. This is my favourite manicure of the year.

Just Desserts: A 1950s colour palette meets polka dots and Jadeite in this manicure that makes excellent use of those little Fimo pieces I can’t ever think of a use for.

Disney Girl Challenge: Ariel (Again): An update to an earlier Little Mermaid design, I love this fun and playful Disney mani.

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That: Gold, turquoise, black, nude and purple combine in this posh, every-nail-for-itself-type manicure.

A Rip in the Very Fabric of Time: Supernatural nails inspired by the novella The Langoliers by one Mr. Stephen King.

Best Collage Row 2

Indelible Love: Wear your love right on your fingertips with this tattoo-style manicure.

Mumu Memories: When I was a kid my aunt brought a turquoise, hibiscus-printed mumu back from Hawaii for me as a gift. I wore it as pyjamas until I graduated from university, at which point it sort of just disintegrated. This lush, tropical mani bears nearly the exact same print as my beloved PJs.

Drop on In: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was the inspiration for this dark and Disney-fied mani.

Let’s Turn on the Juice and See What Shakes Loose: Because there can NEVER be too much Beetlejuice.

Pudgicorn!: Unicorns are always presented as these sleek, slim and endlessly regal creatures. But what about the unicorn with a weight problem, like chubby little Trevor here? Doesn’t he deserve his own nail art? Well, of course he does!

Best Collage Row 3

Kitten Belly!: Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s brown glitter, Just Add Milk, makes its first of two appearances on this list in this manicure inspired by my cat Weegie’s fluffy belly.

Halloween Town: Another second-attempt mani, this time a highly detailed matte design inspired by Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

One Enchanted Dragon: A simple dotticure made stunning through the use of three different, but co-ordinating, colour-shifting Enchanted polishes.

Home of the World’s Happiest Fish!: Come marvel at Duff Gardens’ fabulous belching fish in the Beerquarium in these Simpsons-inspired nails.

Cookie Party!: Just Add Milk steals the show again in this Cookie Monster-inspired manicure. Coooooo-kiiiiiieeeeee!!!

Best Collage Row 4

Marathon Mani: An unexpected colour combination (glow-in-the-dark baby blue, neon green and peach?) gives this easy dotticure a little hit of something extra special.

The Resourceful Gamer: Mr. Finger Candy asked me to do these nails, inspired by his one-time gaming obsession, Clash of Clans. I chose this manicure as one of my best-ofs because it represents a real turning point in my work; after this, outlining and shading my designs became a MUST.

Attack the Block: I love this manicure so much! Inspired by the aliens from Brit creature feature Attack the Block, who are stark black and featureless save for their gigantic, neon blue fangs, the blue jaws on these nails actually GLOW IN THE DARK. I am the queen of all meta nails, bow down before me!

Cocktail Hour!: Before it became the beauty name we shall not speak, Mentality Polish’s glazes represented some of my most frequently used lacquers, particularly in cocktail-type concoctions like this Blue Lagoon-ish one.

I Shoes You!: Nails inspired by a favourite pair of glittery heels, right down to the texture.

Best Collage Row 5

Nail Sushi: A super detailed, all-over sushi design.

Fashionably Floral: These nails, inspired by a dress from designer Monique Lhuillier, were some of my most popular with you, dear readers.

Disney Girl Challenge: Mabel Pines: Little Miss Mabel has the flyest all-turtleneck wardrobe in all of Gravity Falls.

Adventure Time: The All Princess Edition!: There are over 50 princesses that appear on the cartoon Adventure Time. These are five of the more delicious-sounding ones!

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!: A pimped-out pumpkin, fit for a Disney princess.

15 thoughts on “In the Year 2015

  1. Agree 25 makes for a nice collage, love the one right in the middle as far as just color. Excellent overview of the year’s highlights. (In the Year 2015 – reference to old song In the Year 2525?)

    • Yes, it totally is – that song always makes me laugh when I hear it on the radio, and that TV show…SO BAD! My husband watched it because he was in love with the woman who was in Firefly, and she was in it. It was horrible.

      • Cleopatra 2525. It was a SciFi Channel special about three badass babes who are sent back in time to oh my god I don’t know it was so stupid. But Mal’s second in command from Firefly was in it (can’t remember her name at all right now.) And the credits played over In the Year 2525.

  2. Ahh I had forgotten/never watched that… Gina Torres is the actress, Zoe from Firefly/Serenity. It says on IMDB trivia she sang that version of the song used for the show intro, which I checked out just now on YouTube, and never need to ever see/hear again! lol

    I mean as bad as that looked, they had to be going for camp on the Cleopatra 2525……(28 episodes really!? Firefly had exactly half that!!! And it was actually good!!)

    • Yes, Gina Torres! Good pull – couldn’t remember that one for the life of me. Her character touched off my least favourite story arc of all time on Angel, a show I ADORED, so I’m sort of biased against her (although she and Wash were cutey cute cute together on Firefly. Fuck Whedon for that shit he pulled in Serenity.) I had no idea she sang the song – terrible, innit? The most horrifying thing of all is my husband actually OWNS that show – he paid actual money for it. I love him, but man, sometimes he’s an idiot.

      • Agree on Serenity!! I try to stop watching before that scene 😦

        Otherwise I am pretty speechless that your husband owns that Cleopatra 2525 show…

      • Be prepared for all speech to come to a complete halt, because Cleopatra 2525 is far from the worst movie/TV show he owns. Let’s see, there’s The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr., those hideous MegaAnimal vs MonsterSeaCreature things, THE most random Korean martial arts movies where all guys do is roundhouse kick each other to death…his favourite movie is The Professional (sorry, sorry, he’ll get all pissy if I don’t refer to it by its proper name, which is Leon) so I KNOW he has good taste in movies in there somewhere.

        Says the woman who watched The Lost Boys for maybe the 350th time yesterday afternoon. Corey Haim for life.

  3. LOL! I remember/haven’t seen Brisco County but wow there were a lot of recognizable faces listed on IMDB (including title character = Bruce Campbell so now I can completely guess what the show was like)…

    For some reason I just completed CSI: Miami on Netflix, so…there really is no accounting for taste! 😀

    I feel like Lost Boys was slightly before my time, so I don’t have attachment to it, but that is a cult classic so no shame there!

    • I’m not sure it was of my time either, particularly – I was 9 when I saw it for the first time. That’s kind of an intense movie for a nine-year-old, right, or am I just being a fuddy duddy?

      Bruce Campbell is the man. David Caruso is not. For the very briefest of moments years ago when I was suffering from some pretty major insomnia, I’d sit up all night and watch CSI: Miami. It is THE WORST. The SOJ (Sunglasses of Justice) is ridiculous.

      • Yeah I agree Lost Boys too intense for nine year olds!! But we all saw something like that too early.

        Sunglasses of Justice!! LOL

        Or should I say “YYYYUEEEEAHHHHH!!!!!”

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