Blue Spruce

December 2015 Collage

And so here we are at the end of the year, celebrating the final day of December and indeed the entire Year 2015 with one final Enchanted mystery polish, blue spruce-hued December 2015.  I had a feeling that December was going to be a Christmas tree-type green.  The only other green of the year was a pale, watery mint in March; we were overdue for something rich and festive.

Like every other mystery polish released this year, December 2015 is a beautiful holographic shot through with colour-bending shimmer.  The ultra fine gold shimmer running throughout December 2015 is particularly lovely, mingling with the Kelly green base to produce a gentle blue hue that reminds me of blue spruce trees.  The holographic effect in this polish is also spectacular, although that’s really no surprise – a beautiful, dark holo like this one was meant to dazzle, and dazzle it does.

But stain it does not!  Because this time – unlike that time with Colors by Llarowe’s grass green holo, Gemini Rising – I remembered to lay down two thick coats of base coat so I don’t have to walk around for the next month with pee green nails.  See, kids, we’re learnin’!

December 2015 Sun Bottle

11 thoughts on “Blue Spruce

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like! The funny thing is, I had Saint George in my cart before Christmas, but I just had this weird feeling that Enchanted was going to come through with something similar. Nail polish telepathy?

      • I was actually just working on that right now. They all look like total garbage together – it’s going to be one ugly collage!

        Also, if anything has a chance of still being here 1000 years from now, I suppose it would be nail polish (sorry, that typo was just too good…) 🙂

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