An Enchanted New Years Eve: A Final Review

Enchanted Full Year Collage

For my final post of 2015 (or the first of the new year, according to WordPress Standard Time), I thought I’d put together a round-up of the 12 lacquers (plus one) I purchased this year via Enchanted Polish’s mystery buy…program?  I still don’t know what to call it.  But it’s not a subscription box or anything like that – you simply purchase the individual polishes sight unseen.  That way you can choose as few or as many as you like. I went along with the entirety of the year, picking up all 12, as well as a special holiday polish.

In terms of finish, all 13 are shimmer-infused holos.  Formula-wise, they are all absolutely gorgeous – rich two-coaters that look just as beautiful in the shade as they d0 in the sun.  Zero complaints there.  But in terms of colour selection – you know, that thing that ultimately lures you in – I remain disappointed.  I had hoped that for taking the “risk” of buying a polish sight unseen, we’d be rewarded with something a little outside the norm.  Instead I found the colours to be, with a few exceptions, safe and uninspired and nothing I’d ever buy myself had I the choice. January, November and December are all rich, divine jewel tones, but the icy shades that dominate March, April and July legitimately tick me off – July is the colour of (shimmery) dishwater.  I’m not even sure I could charitably call it a colour, period.  There also isn’t much, if any, cohesion among the shades, making for a bit of a muddled mess en masse.

So would I do it again?  As in, will I be doing it again in 2016?  I don’t think so.  I wasn’t overly wowed by anything I received this year, although they’re nice enough polishes, all.  But nice enough is not quite enough to justify the higher than average price point of Enchanted’s lacquers ($16.50 US each.)  That combined with the absolutely shit Canadian dollar means I’ll probably be sitting out the next round of mystery buys.

Holiday bottle

7 thoughts on “An Enchanted New Years Eve: A Final Review

      • Just a tad! Speaking of, my mid Nov HauteLook/Illamasqua order never shipped!! I tried emailing them a couple weeks ago (live chat was 30 people deep) and never got a response. Finally tried live chat, person informs me the inventory for the “event” ran out and that is why my order never shipped! They refunded me and gave me $60 in credit.

        Ironically, they had offered Illamasqua again in mid-Dec, even cheaper! We’re talking 2.50 a bottle cheaper, down to $5 each!! Luckily I placed a slightly different order (kind of in hopes of canceling the first order since it was taking so long, and the cost diff), which just arrived. So that worked out…I am happy as I have backups of Poke, which is an AH-MAZING purple. It looks great in pix, and in person it mesmerized me when I wore it.

        By the way, I do like the May and August colors above. The lighter colors are not terrible in the pix, but sometimes you have to see it in person to really know for sure if you like it (or not).

      • Woah, that is weird. I’ve had some seriously crap customer service/postal experiences this year – this seems about on par with those. But at least it came out all right in the end – $5 a bottle is nothing to sneeze at for Illamasqua.

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