It’s the Circus of Life

Circus of Life Bottle

And it moves us alllllllll!  Starting off 2016 with this fun manicure that combines Enchanted Polish’s orchid-hued holo, Dope Jam, with Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s neon-sprinkled Circles of Life for a look that’s coming across as more than a little Circus Cookie.  Obviously a style of mani I like very much!

My husband said this is the most juvenile-looking manicure I’ve ever sported.  He keeps calling them my To Catch a Predator nails!  That’s really quite a feat for someone who has painted as many cupcakes and bows and kawaii-eyed critters on her nails as I have!

Circus of Life Fingers

5 thoughts on “It’s the Circus of Life

  1. I would call it cheery or festive? Like “funfetti” cake mix (boy did auto correct really have trouble with “funfetti”)…

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