Skinamarinky Pinky Pink!

Rose Coloured Fingers Straight

Sing it with me now!  “Skinamarinky doo…I! LOVE! YOOOOOOUUUUU!” And I really kind of love this manicure, too, even though it didn’t quite turn out as I had intended.  I was going for a kind of all-pink galaxy look here, but the three pink base polishes I sponged on were all sort of samey (in that they were all blue shimmer-enhanced, bubblegum pinks), leading to a kind of muddled and unidentifiable mess.  But a pretty mess!  So pretty, especially when topped with two coats of Rose Coloured Glasses, an all-fuchsia holo glitter positively brimming with purple-flashing hexes and stars.

Rose Coloured Fingers Angled

3 thoughts on “Skinamarinky Pinky Pink!

  1. I am not even sure how I know that song, cultural osmosis I guess.

    You said the magic words “blue shimmer” and “purple flashing” — yay!

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