The Blueberry Bush

Blueberry Fingers

A number of years ago I got more than a little cocky about my abilities as a balcony gardener.  I have two large balconies that overlook a river, and for one glorious summer three or so years ago, I cultivated a thriving garden of everything that’s not supposed to grow on a windy hunk of waterless concrete, from herbs and pansies, hibiscus trees and roses, to succulents and ferns, daisies and – in my greatest feat of green thumbing EVER – a fruit-producing raspberry cane.  BOO-YEAH!  All right, so it would appear I haven’t quite abandoned the cocky thing just yet, but come on, that’s kind of impressive, right?  I’m still impressed!  Just look at this little raspberry!  I made him!


Although perhaps I should not be quite so down with me, because that one glorious summer of thriving bounty?  Never to be repeated again. Subsequent summers have netted naught but a wasp infestation in my gerbera daisies, one tiny bulb of garlic that grew into a slightly larger bulb of garlic and a flowering magnolia that steadfastly refused to flower.  It should also be noted that that one perfect year I harassed the power of nature, my blueberry bush REFUSED to do, well, anything.  It sent off a few promising green shoots and then just sort of sat there for the season while I periodically cursed it out.

But there was no swearing at these cute blueberry nails, which were not only easy (detail brush for the leaves, dotting tool for the berries) but also didn’t require me to go outside, which is terrifically attractive when it’s as cold and rainy as it is today.  Not that I’d be gardening today anyways, but the analogy stands!  I think.  The one thing I can be absolutely sure of, though – these little lacquered blueberry bushes are a lot prettier than the real deal, and definitely more bountiful!

13 thoughts on “The Blueberry Bush

  1. These are super cute! (And I hate to rub it in but I had too many bloody blueberries last year! My bush just wouldn’t stop. I started giving them to family, then work colleagues and eventually I had to start freezing the blighters so as not to waste them. Sugar snap peas were also on my ‘too bountiful’ list. Everything else was a failure to be honest so I shouldn’t complain because at least I got something…)

    • Thank you! But I’m wagering your bush (heh – sorry, I’m a child) was in the ground, where the thing might have a chance to flourish. Also probably multiple bushes. But I’m still jealous – I would have considered it a victory had I seen even ONE berry. Oh, snap peas – my grandfather had a garden full of them. Nothing better than just standing there at the rows pulling them off and eating them. Then I’d hurl the pods into the neighbouring field.

      • Wrong! It’s in a pot, and it’s only one plant, I have decking therefore zero ground digging. But now I am being mean and rubbing it in… Maybe Blueberries just don’t like the altitude? I don’t want to start a berry war. I bet with it being maturer this year, it’ll yield something awesome!

      • Okay, now you really are rubbing it in! 😉 You must be some sort of gardening goddess – that’s incredible. Although I will say the exposure here, at the edge of a river, is kind of insane. I’m amazed anything can grow at all with the winds that whip across here. Maybe I’ll try a blueberry again this year, tuck him into a windless spot and see what happens? Any tips?

      • Yeah sounds good! I wouldn’t give up on them, as it’s worth it. All I can really recommend are coffee grounds? Not too much but a little mulching with them apparently helps adjust the PH. And also sun, but there’s not much anyone can do about that!

  2. lol “I made him!”

    I agree the nail art is really super cute!

    I keep a few indoor plants alive, but have little luck with most outdoor gardening – so kudos to you on your one lush summer!

    So you’re getting rain and we’re getting snow. It will be a high of 17 degrees on Wed when I finally go back to the office. Ugh.

    • Yeah, I’m not the least bit humble about it either – I HAVE CREATED LIFE!!! That’s what I yell off my balcony. The neighbours (rightfully) think I’m nuts.

      The weather is so weird right now. Yesterday it was 10 degrees above zero and pouring, today it’s icy cold and crystal clear. WTF? Sounds like it’s being weird all over the place.

  3. I sure did skip the office, but not the work. I guess I should appreciate that more, not having to go in. I actually haven’t been in there in about a month. So many folks take off the last two weeks every year (including boss), so I don’t bother to go in since I have to cover, then I was off last week.

    This week we had a good first snowing and you know people would go all crazy about it out there on the roads, so good time to stay home (and boss is traveling for work). Then today it all melted and it is like 40 degrees! But I figured why bother go in today Thursday, I already stay home on Fridays usually. I’ll probably go back next week. They get plenty of work out of me either way…

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